Photo provided by: Lucky Lucciiano (@officialluckyozzy) • Instagram photos and videos 


Children are a divine blessing from God.  

Nothing changes a person's life more than the birth of a child. Witnessing a child being thrust forth from a woman's womb is awe-inspiring, God's grace, and physically masterful. Children change everything and transform a boy into a man overnight.   

Having the responsibility of cultivating, educating, and protecting your bloodline is the highest honor in life. Watching the butterfly break free from the cocoon and fly brings tears to the eyes of the most notorious criminal or saint. Dreams are redefined and pursued with a relentless spirit.   


Lucky Ozzy is chasing more than Hip-Hop immorality  

Cheating death, living with three strikes, and being gifted to rap are rare dynamics that only a few possess. 

Lucky Ozzy views life through a multi-color lens, and his music emits a unique combination of DMX style pain and Busta Rhymes creativity. Lucky Ozzy's life was never created to survive the past eighteen years.   

God's hands have always been on Lucky Ozzy and elevate him above abnormal pressure. Watching him on screen, you immediately become connected to his undeniable magnetism and visual message.  

Tomorrow isn't promised, and Lucky Ozzy hustles every day as if it were his last.   


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