There is an ongoing perceived notion in the entertainment industry, especially music that an artist cannot just mushroom from scratch and become a celebrated star in the industry. An aspiring artist has to follow a procedural path before becoming a celebrity. Well, the case is not different for Mallika Mehta popularly known as “Adele of Mumbai," a title that was accorded to her by the leading international newspapers and magazines after they discovered her fantastic talent and soothing vocals. She developed an interest in music at only the age of three, an original talent for sure.


Mallika has been in the entertainment industry for the last ten years but became a celebrated professional artist about three years ago. Since then, she has become a rising star among her peers. She is always out there on stages to quench her fun’s thirst. Her multi-lingual ability was discovered and adored by many artists in 2016 during the performance of the maiden concert. Her energy cannot go unnoticed; she once performed over fifty songs in five different languages.

The one song that moved the masses goes by the name of “Flame is Gone” which literally means that a feeling that binds two people and capable of overturning things is finally gone.  It was her second song, and it got 54k likes in just four days. This was a sign of acceptance from the audience for giving quality music to caress their hearts and feelings. You would undoubtedly receive healing when you listen to her performing this song if going through a heartbreak. She is gaining recognition worldwide for her incredible talent and soothing voice that leaves the audience in tears whenever she is performing gloomy or love songs. The magic behind her voice will get you carried by the waves of her sound until you realize the song is over.


Her talent is irresistible, and if you are fan of Adele, definitely your ears would never get bored of flowing with rhythm as you sail together in the open seas of her talent. Overtaking the existing superstars until to the top of the game is not as easy as it may be seen. However, with Mallika's voice, you can’t go unnoticed; fans will always do you justice. Fans expect different things and new energy, and this is what Adele of Mumbai has been feeding them, but the audience can’t seem to get enough of her. She is clearly rising as a young singer whose fame has become the talk of the town.

Mallika has performed in different concerts whereby she has captured thousands of audience with her sweet melodious voice. She is irresistible to the ears and the eyes.  She released her first English ‘war solo’ in 2016 and became number one among the 150 solos that were trending at that time. In March 2017, WELAB magazine in the US Tweeted her as the next Adele of Mumbai. Nobody can denounce this excellent new talent in town. She has already proven to the world that she can also become a star like her idol Adele. The army of fans she has already amassed is trafficking online requesting for live performances.  Because of the increased fan base and high demand for her talent Mallika Mehta “The Adele of Mumbai” will be performing live in the US this October. Keep following to receive updates on the actual date she will be performing



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