The critically acclaimed New York artist Marko Stout is considered by many to be the coolest and most relevant multimedia artists working today. The Huffington Post calls Stout's work, "exciting and inspirational" with his sculptures, prints, films and installations exhibited at numerous high end international galleries of fine art and museums. Marko Stout’s upcoming solo exhibition entitled’ “Erotic Dreams” is set to open in Times Square at the Art Nation Gallery, 4 West 43rd Street, New York City.  There will also be a preview showing 08/31 thru 09/04 at the Rivington SoHO Gallery, 2 Rivington Street, NYC.





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 Interview with Marko Stout

As he prepares for the upcoming exhibition, Marko Stout is interviewed by lifestyle writer and blogger Valerie Weinberg.  Ms. Weinberg is a contributor to Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, The Huffington Post, In Style and numerous other publications.




Weinberg: You are going to be showing your Erotic Dreams series in New York this year?

Stout: Yes.

Weinberg:  When did you make the prints?

Stout: I was working on them all year. We showed a few at Miami Basel last December, but the complete series will be shown at a solo show in Times Square this October.


Weinberg: Are they photos or painted?

Stout: Usually we start with photographs with special lens for effect and add paint or digital enhancements to get what the mood I’m going for. And lately I’ve been printing on Aluminum, which gives the work a cool, gritty industrial feel. Really captures the mood. 


Weinberg: Most of your prints have statements printed on them. Why is that?

Stout: I have a lot to say.


Weinberg: The subjects are all anonymous women. Do you have use celebrities in your work? 

Stout: No.


Weinberg: Why is that?

Stout: I like Warhol’s Marilyns, Liz Taylors and others, really cool stuff. But, I think the celebrity in art thing is really way over done now.


Weinberg: Are you trying to make an artistic statement?

Stout: Yes.


Weinberg: Your work, especially your latest series seems to be influenced by the word of fashion, is that correct?

Stout: Certainly. But there are many other aspects as well.


Weinberg: Are there any political messages?

Stout: Not partially. More comments on our current society. 

Weinberg: This is an election year in America, what are you’re feeling about Donald Trump?

Stout: I tried his steaksonce, and they we’re just awful. Other than that, he is a very negative person. I don't want to talk about negative things.


Weinberg: And what do you think about Hillary Clinton?

Stout: I try not to. 


 MG 5897


Weinberg: A few months ago your colossal female sculptures sold at New York’s Art Expo show to a Berlin nightclub and this was the highest sale at the show. Will you be making more sculptures now?

Stout: It certainly was a successful show for us. I really like the way our sculptures turned out. I think it added a new dimension to my work. We plan to show a few more sculptures at my upcoming Times Square show. And will likely add some video components are well.


Weinberg: How tall where the sculptures?

Stout: The ones at the show’s entrance where 10 feet. And the ones in the lounge area were 9 foot.   


Weinberg: What were they made of?

Stout: Fiberglass and paint.


PJ: Why did they have such elongated legs?

Stout: Looks cool.


Weinberg: You’re one of New York’s most popular multimedia artists. What is your favorite medium? The prints, sculpture or video?

Stout: I like them all. It keeps my life interesting.   


Weinberg: You are in negation with NetFlix about developing a really show revolving around you, your models and the New York art screen. Can you tell me any more about what to expect?

Stout: No, We’re still kicking around ideas. But it will be something very cool.  



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