Masiwest emerges as the new face of generation Z Hip-Hop in New Orleans. 

A New Orleans recording artist and entrepreneur who represents Generation Z, Masiwest is emerging as one of the most promising faces in the hip-hop industry and is firmly positioned at the forefront of Generation Z. Acutely aware of what real-life struggles are, he has a clever way of expressing them in his lyrics. His music has captivated young people around the world because it is honest and relatable, and his unique perspective strikes a chord with them. 

In his early years, he lived on meager means but then began his relentless crusade to change the trajectory of his loved ones' lives. Masiwest's impassioned words can sink into the depths of your soul and inspire you to reach for life's high levels. 


Living your dream without compromise is reserved for visionaries.  

In addition to being an entrepreneur in the multimedia field, he has a record label, clothing line, and philanthropic foundation under his belt. In the music industry and beyond, Masiwest's influence is undeniable. Masiwest's music encompasses an ultra-unique Hip-Hop jambalaya of trap, southern rap flow delivery, epic storytelling, unconventional street dreams, and unrivaled music instrumentation. Masiwest's music catalog has surpassed 300,000 digital streams across all platforms over the past 18 months.    

RADIOPUSHERS has entered into a global monetization partnership with Masiwest. He was recently appointed as a Brand Ambassador for 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI powered by iHeartRadio 





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