The excitement of having to attend a masquerade ball begins with selecting a perfect mystery masquerade mask. Masquerade ball has to be the most magical party to attend. Going back in history, the masquerade party was only enjoyed by the upper-class people of Venice, Italy in the 15th century, but now, it can be incorporated into any social event.



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A masquerade ball is a showcase of beauty and art, firstly defined by mysterious costumes. It is usually a scene of luxury, magical and fancy dresses, and of course, the Half face masquerade masks and Venetian masks. It's pleasant to see that people are comfortably throwing parties with masquerade themes, so you can easily dazzle in some fancy attire and mystery masquerade masks.


If you are getting ready to attend a masquerade ball or host a masquerade theme party, here are answers to some faqs that you will find helpful in your preparation;


Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes, you have to wear a mask. A mask is the most important costume for a masquerade ball, so you should never leave it out when attending one. Get yourself a nice Venetian mask to look magical at your next masquerade ball.


How do I wear a masquerade mask with my glasses

Everyone can wear a masquerade mask, even those who wear glasses. A simple trick to wearing a masquerade mask with your glasses is to attach strips of foam to the inside of your mask to give room for your glasses to stay. Ensure to align your glasses with your mask, then attach strips of foam to mask the edges of the glasses, so it sits comfortably on your face. Check out our Venetian masks to pick one that is suitable for you.


What's color code for a masquerade ball?

If you are throwing a masquerade-themed party, you should consider rich colors like burgundy, purple, and accent of gold and silver. You can pick a fancy purple or burgundy dress and pair it with our magical Venetian mask. Sync your decoration with masquerade colors to pronounce the effect of the theme.


What do masquerade masks symbolize?

Masks bear a lot of mysteries that are especially influenced by your choice of color. Masks could mean prestige, class, dominance, confidence, illumination, strength, and power.


What events require a mask?

Masks are originally worn to upper-class masquerade balls in the 15th century, but they can be incorporated into events ranging from charity ball, wedding, Halloween party, prom night, cruise ship, etc.


How do I choose a mask?

This is the part where most people get confused, however, there are only three things to consider when choosing a mask. The first thing to consider is the color of your outfit. Then think about how glamorous the event is; this will determine whether you should pick a feather Venetian mask or a simple half face masquerade mask. Lastly, you should consider the look you want to achieve, whether flirty or elegant.

Mask yourself in mystery with our Venetian masks and Half face masquerade masks to have fun at your next masquerade party.

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