I was working full time in a radio station when my daughter was born, I lost my job due to COVID-19, now I have a newborn and no job while in postpartum I did not know what to wear, that’s when Mama Luchona Boutique was born I started my own the business fashion I invested all of my savings, I learned a lot about the business fashion in the process, I work from home while watching my daughter, we are a family team based in Los Angeles, California, our lipgloss Keychain is handmade with love, my husband helps me to put the Keychain on the lipgloss, we have three flavors palo santo, chocolate, and lavender which is your favorite? Being a first-time mom it’s hard, especially in these times, I didn’t know what to wear, I felt bad about myself all day in pajamas, I wanted to wear comfortable clothes to be a mother and on the other hand, I wanted to wear stylish clothes to look and feel good about myself and most important project it. I feel awesome when I make time for myself, when I wear my favorite outfit, my favorite shoes, when I put some makeup on and when I brush my hair, self-love and self-care it’s very important if we feel good our families are good it’s very important to make time for ourselves, I know it’s hard because we as a mother’s put everyone else before us, it’s ok to make time for yourself your mental health matter


Our mission is to empower women, to look and feel good. We are more than a brand we are a community. I want to show the world, what a mother can do, join our community "the business fashion"

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