What makes Quantum Humanoid so riveting is not only the utter chaos that unfolds but the way that it plays with fashion film concepts—dramatic music, no dialogue, a supermodel smiling mysterious into the lens —and amplifies them to a new, never be seen before surreal degree. It’s not surprising that Melville namechecks Kubrick classic 2001 space odyssey; the work of Franz Kafka. or automatic writing as popularized by André Breton, and his Surrealist crew in the 1920s as references. The star of the film is the American supermodel, Meghan Roche, as  Phoenix stated in our Interview with him “ The perfect person for it if I would imagine a spiritual and intellectual higher developed human, seeing the depth of her eyes my whole being connected trough it with all humanity and the infinite of the sky, there was no other option but her” We saw the film the first time roundabout three weeks ago after fashion blogs started to share and talk about, A heavy shock, disturbing but beautiful, strange but fascinating, despite only three elements occur, Meghan, a flashing black - white kaleidoscope and music, Melville transport a whole story into the audience, evokes a message without a word is ever been outspoken. It avalanches to be an insider in the fashion world, while Melville is not an unknown in the industry, working before as assistant director for brands as Dior and Prada.


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