This eighteen-year-old rapper, songwriter, and composing musician grew up as Carter Davis in a suburb of the city of Portland, Oregon. Now professionally known as NORD among highly respected talent and listeners alike within the landscape of the ever-so-quickly expanding industry of R&B and Rap music, this talented teenager is most notable for his songwriting contributions to projects from mainstream women-empowering sonic icons such as Addison Rae, Ice Spice, and Rebecca Black. Ever since over one-hundred-million people heard the Pop infused single “Obsessed” from fashion icon, actress, and musician titaness Addison Rae; which the young Oregon artist contributed his unmatched gift of songwriting to, NORD continues to seize increasingly prestigious opportunities as a result of the diligent honing of his musical abilities.

Following his first wildly successful collaboration, Carter began his creative relationship with Pop and R&B star Rebecca Black, riding the wave of his initial breakthrough connection into the world of mainstream sound that was presented to the passionate talent through his non-hesitant sense of dedication. This formerly-anticipated collaboration marked the beginning of a pattern for the Oregon musician; that is, working in a section of the music industry that is primarily female-dominant. “There’s a long-running history of discrimination in regard to equal opportunities for women in their respective fields, and this stigma of unequal opportunity is especially present within today’s music industry,” NORD stated in a recent interview with LA Weekly. “I hope to change that by empowering female talent whenever and wherever possible, far beyond the weight in which my collaborative contributions to music hold.” Rebecca Black’s debut studio album, “Let Her Burn”, has been officially released to the public in collaboration with Oregon musician NORD and is being perceived positively by critics and listeners alike thus far since its very recent release.

NORD’s most recent viral songwriting collaboration between female Bronx rapper, Ice Spice, and English vocalist and producer, PinkPantheress, has already surpassed ten-million views on the YouTube music video in the first week. The joint-track itself, titled “Boy’s a liar pt.2”, currently sits at #14 on the Billboard Weekly Hot 100 Chart. To stay updated with this accomplished young talent’s promising future in the mainstream landscape of music, listeners can follow his Instagram page.

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