Platinum-selling country group Parmalee has been on the scene for over a decade, however, with one chart-topping hit after another, the boys in the band have no reason to slow down. Their most recent single, Just The Way, alongside rapper Blanco Brown, has hit #1 on various charts, and the boys were just in New York City to perform on The Today Show.



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But it’s not all about the music. The Parmalee guys have found a way over the years - like any good group - to change up their style and looks to adapt with the times. And hey, the ladies seem to dig it too!


We sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with Parmalee’s lead singer Matt Thomas to find out more about the group’s style and fashion choices, how New York helped inspire one of their greatest hits, and what else is on the horizon for the group this year.

How has Parmalee's style and fashion choices changed since you guys first started?

It has really changed tremendously... Just like trends change, so do we. Especially since we are in the public eye a lot, we are always having to stay on top of the latest trends but also staying true to ourselves at the same time. I feel like anyone looking back at their style from years ago will ask themselves 'what was I thinking?!', and we are no different haha.


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How would you describe your own "look" today?

That is a tough one... I would say I dress more modern edgy... I try to keep my looks simple and clean but with my own edgy vibe if that makes sense..


What is your go-to outfit on a regular day?

On a regular day you can find me in an All Saints t-shirt, Levi jeans, boots and some kind of jacket whether it be leather or jean... I guess it really depends on the day.




Any clothing brands you really like?

I have found that most pieces from All Saints fit me perfectly. So I tend to lean towards that brand on most things. Same goes for Levi's as far as jeans go. But you will really have to ask our stylist on where she shops mostly - I leave a lot of that up to her.


When touring, what is one piece of clothing you don't leave home without?

When I am on the road I never leave without my All Saints t-shirts... I think I own at least 5 shirts in each color they have!


We are a New York magazine, so we have to ask: Has New York inspired you / your band's music at all throughout your career?

Absolutely, our #1 song Carolina talks about the New York lights on Broadway. We have spent a lot of time in the city and even lived there for a few months while recording an album in Times Square when we were first getting started. New York City just has an energy about it.. some of our most memorable times were made in that city.


Do you guys work with a stylist at all, or just wear whatever feels right at the time?

Since we signed our record deal we have worked with stylists. They have been the ones to really help us define our 'look' on and off the stage through these different phases of our lives/career. So we take that and work with them on what we think feels right for each of us. Definitely a joint effort.


What is the most embarrassing outfit choice you have found yourself in?

Oh there are some bad ones when you look back in the archives haha...


What are you most excited about for 2020 with Parmalee?

One of my favorite parts of being a musician is getting to be on the road to play new shows for new fans. Especially having our new single 'Just the Way' connecting so well to the fans, it is amazing seeing it connect live as well. So yea, I guess I'm most excited to get back on the road to play more shows to more fans.




What is your advice to others wanting to make it in the music industry?

I always tell people if you are really serious about making it as a musician, to move to Nashville. Or just make sure you are constantly surrounded by like-minded people who are after the same goal as you. And to always keep pushing forward no matter how many road blocks you may come across.


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