Finding the balance between unique and affordable when searching for a holiday gift can often times take the joy out of the process. Not to mention nothing being worse than the feeling of receiving a gift you don't like. Most people quickly discover that the dollar amount highly determines the range of quality and options for potential gift ideas, especially when it comes to jewelry. 


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If you're looking for a way to give someone a completely special or even custom jewelry item consider creating your own on an affordable jewelry website. Websites like can be amazing fit that will really let you pull out all the stops with a very modest price tag. takes the create your own jewelry necklace idea to the next level with unique one of a kind selections. These NYC designer jewelry studio pieces were revealed this year along with the full collection of stylish, high-end and extremely versatile locket necklaces.

The high end lockets come in two sizes, and in three metals: gold, silver and rose gold. Wear them as is, or restyle, depending on your mood or outfit, by placing one of many Sonnet designs inside. Regardless of which combination, PepperTheory makes giving an amazing gift easier with both on trend modern options in addition to classic and timeless looks.'




Peppertheory necklaces can be created, mix and matched online at the

Using the website to create your own locket necklace is easy and offers 24/7 customer support as well as live chat features. 

PepperTheory believes that having the ability to customize your jewelry gift, makes it all the more precious. Visit to create your jewelry gift. Select completed locket necklaces or create your own to feature your chosen locket, sonnet and chain selections. 

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