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Producing enduring music is both a divine endowment and a serious obligation in existence. As per Wikipedia, the global population exceeds eight billion individuals. A mere fraction of one percent of these people engage in creating music that profoundly influences the lives of others. To fully comprehend the magnitude of your most significant human potential is a level of understanding that many never reach within their lifetime. Providing answers to the most mystifying questions of life demands a considerable amount of humility, continuous introspection, and unparalleled discipline.

Phil Elam, also known as Coco Bean, is a Recording Artist, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist who stands as an exceptional specimen in today's pop culture scene. Coco Bean's painstaking methodology towards music creation, vocal versatility, and sound conveyance is peerless. His intense emotional bond with music empowers him to generate profoundly distinct auditory experiences that captivate a broad-based audience.

'My Name Is Coco Bean' is the latest musical opus from Phil that features the legendary music figure Snoop Dogg. Together, Coco Bean and Snoop Dogg form an impeccable 'dream team' for this particular track. Aesthetically, they supplement each other's vocal dynamics, rapport, and delivery approach beautifully. This soulful composition flawlessly blends the grandiose sounds of the 70s with the dynamic resonance and vigor of Generation Z. 'My Name Is Coco Bean' is presently in frequent play on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI via iHeartRadio. This station, 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI, operates as an interactive segment of RADIOPUSHERS.


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