Top Accessory of Business Fashion: 

As part of the fashion industry, top accessory play a vital role. While a great focus and accent are being put on the fashion accessories such as bags, jewelry, and footwear, 2021 introduced a trend that came in as sort of a novelty. We see that the trend of the phone straps and charms instantly took over the fashion market.

Everyone is using it! From celebrities, influencers, fashionistas, to those who simply love stylish and joyful pieces. This is another proof that 2021 is the year of trend revival, bringing back all the nostalgia from the 2000s, in a fresher, juicier, and more colorful way.

So, if you are looking to add some trendy vibes to your phone, making it more interesting and stylish, you may want to check out the accessory brand HIMODA’s beaded phone strap collection. There are some awesome designs with an accessible price tags.


Strawberry Bliss Phone Strap-

Fruit details have always been an interesting part of fashion. Although the fruits list is long, strawberry is a unique one that we all love.

This strawberry beaded strap is cute, and with Y2K vibe. The combination of white and pink pearls and red strawberries charms make the piece look girly and very fun.


White Flower Phone Strap

Flowers are not just beautiful creatures. They have spiritual power as well. This beaded phone strap is in calming, soothing blue and white colors, with blooming white wild flower charms.


Rainbow Beaded Phone Strap top accessory

This is a bright choice of the phone strap with rainbow color beads and happy smiley face charms. It is certainly a joyful companion for you.


Colorful Heart Phone Strap

This beaded strap has an array of heart charms in different beautiful colors.

Do you know that each color has its own meaning?  Like, the hot pink heart is for love and romance, yellow heart expresses happiness and energy while blue heart symbolizes peace and wisdom.


Pearl Necklace Crossbody Strap

There is a reason that the adoption of long crossbody phone strap grew huge. There is no doubt that It is a style upgrade accessory. Yet, it is the practicability that makes us love it even more.

For this pearl strap, not only you can use it as a necklace lanyard with your phone like the models do on Chanel’s runway, but also you can just carry it like a crossbody purse.

Plus, isn’t it an awesome and stylish way to keep hands free!


Rose Pink Crystal Phone Strap

We know that pink crystal and stone are often related to love, gentle and healing power. This unique aesthetic phone strap has a lineup of artificial crystal beads with fractures inside in beautiful sheer pink. Even if you are not a believer of the crystal power, this is still a pretty strap to go with.


If the above styles do not resonate with you, check the full phone strap collection to explore and lock your personalized choice.  



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