Do you feel like being stylish and creative? Looking for your new look?
Then, start to make it up with a bag!


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An example of creating a color block look.

This image implies selecting bright colors of one or two contrary shades and making groups of them.
For example, let's take a Braccialini designer bag shaped like a cocktail glass.

The bag has two main colors: white and pink. How should we pick up clothes? For example, to wear a pink summer blouse. The blouse shade should be cold and match the pink shade of the bag, but it doesn't have to be completely alike. Let's add a pink monochrome scarf and a pink headwear from the same shade range as the blouse, bag, and scarf. As a headwear, you can take a French beret to create a romantic image, or an elastic ribbon to pull hair back from the forehead, or a scarf to form a bandana.

IMG 0660

Now, let's pass on to a skirt. It should be wide, airy, and white. For example, a pleated skirt in the latest fashion, or a circular or half-circular skirt.
Footwear. The most comfortable solutions are white sneakers or sport shoes. Well, if you are a romantic person, you can choose white leather court shoes, ballet flats or sandals to your taste. Such an outfit will look very glamorous!

A bag to create the pop art look.
The pop art style is suitable for an extraordinary and daring person, who can appear in public wearing bright colorful clothes with eye-catching prints.

IMG 0660 cromia

Let's make up a cacti theme. Take a yellow bag by Italian fashion brand Cromia with cacti prints. You should find a cacti-patterned shirt or a one with a cactus sticker or embroidery to match it. Then, take green (the cacti color) or yellow (the bag color) trousers or jeans.
Multipurpose shoes - sneakers or sport shoes. You can stick waterproof stickers with cacti on them.

You can compile various trendy outfits to match unusual bags. Try it yourself!




Where can you find nice-looking, creative, and high-quality bags to highlight your vivid look? Here is an Italian shop offering a wide range of one-of-a-kind bags from Italian brands:

Here, you can find the most attractive and unique bag models.

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