Positively Georgia - The Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale is the new children's book from author Elizabeth Ferris. It tells the adventures of a cuddly Airedale dog who approaches her world with a never failing positive attitude. Georgia learns she has talents and abilities that are important. She can contribute to make her world a better place.

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The book has taken off quickly landing a spot on Amazon's International Top 50 Best Children's Books. As readers young and old all over the world discover Georgia, Ferris took time out to explain the inspiration for the story and why she created a version in Hungarian.

"This book is based on lessons I learned from my Hungarian parents. They overcame unbelievable odds to escape communism in the 1950s and emigrate to Canada. Their unfailing bravery to pursue and achieve their dreams is the foundation for Georgia's wisdom and worldwide appeal," she said. Ferris' parents recently celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. In 1956 they left Hungary, then under communist Soviet rule. Their harrowing journey involved dodging bullets, crawling through marshes, and sneaking past sleeping border guards.


Although there were more than a few terrifying moments and many would have discounted their odds of escaping, the young couple believed in their goal of freedom.

They eventually landed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with temporary passports and borrowed airfare. Upon arrival they were told the plane ride was free and given $5. It seemed like a fortune.

Even though they arrived speaking no English, the couple married, found employment, and built a home in Prince George, BC, Canada. Elizabeth saw first hand how her parent's strong belief in yourself and goals could make anything possible.

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Georgia Teaches How to Find Your Potential

The book follows the travels of Airedale Terrier Georgia with her owner Norman. Some experiences happen during the day while others are daydreams. 

Positively Georgia uses captivating illustrations and lively narrative to help children and grownups discover their remarkable potential.

Georgia joyfully rides on a truck, interacts with creatures, and jumps for bacon. Through each adventure, Georgia shows readers the value of being confident and believing in what you can achieve.

"These are lessons I learned from my parents when I was a child. That's why I feel it is so important to make this book available in Hungarian as well as English," Ferris said.


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4 Lifestyle Changes to Reach Any Goal
Ferris believes everyone already possesses the ability to achieve even difficult goals. Follow these 4 easy steps:


1. Write down your goal. This helps you think through the goal and the process of achieving it, all while making the goal more real. Consider what needs to happen next.

2. Choose something that seems out of reach. Believe in yourself, have confidence, and reach for something that seems just beyond your ability. You might just achieve something incredible, like fleeing an impossible situation for a better life.

3. Take action. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Work a little harder than others. You may be surprised by the exciting adventures that await.

4. Stay persistent. Remember climbing a steep set of stairs starts with taking one step at a time. Achieve big goals with one small accomplishment at a time. Continue even when others give up.

Positively Georgia is a story that will entertain and inspire any classroom teaching Hungarian or English as a second language.

Learn more about Ferris Books and the author at FerrisBooks.com.

The English and Hungarian versions of Positively Georgia are available on Amazon in hardcover with a new paperback edition.


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