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"PRESTON DENT" Gordon Parks, Spike Lee, Ava Duvernay, Barry Jenkins, Regina King, John Singleton, Jordan Peele, Tyler Perry, F. Gary Gray, Antoine Fuqua, 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, and more are representing the new faces of Hollywood Elite in 2021. NBC, ABC, Disney, Hulu, VH1, Amazon, Starz, Revolt, FOX, FX, and other mainstream TV networks prioritize African American media content.    

For over 100 years, African American-focused content experienced suppression, bias, exclusion, racism, and calculated slander within Hollywood. Supreme African American talented actors/actresses were forced to accept acting roles, undermining their morality and public perception.    

Hollywood's depiction of African American actors/actresses is purposely fundamentally flawed. Denzel Washington played the role of Malcolm X in Spike Lee's most famous film. Malcolm X's impact on civil rights, the fight against inequality, and the advancement of Black people are well documented. Denzel Washington received critical acclaim worldwide, and everyone assumed he'd win an Oscar for best actor.    

Denzel didn't win, and the world was left in pure disbelief. However, nine years later, in 2001, he played the role of Alonzo Harris in the movie Training Day. Alonzo Harris's role is depicted as a corrupt cop working inside the Narcotics division.  

Denzel Washington won his first Oscar for playing the role of a dirty cop and not playing the prestigious role of Malcolm X. It's convenient to award a person for a stereotypical role. It's profound and courageous to award a person for improving the narrative of a race.    

Film director/Author Preston Dent reflects the new energy in Hollywood. Preston Dent creates cinematic masterpieces through his transformative visionary capacity.   

Preston Dent covers intense and taboo subject matters in Hollywood.    

Preston Dent's films connect with a broad demographic audience. Preston Dent's films contain a unique combination of undeniable passion, visual stimulation, emotional intelligence, black excellence, and trademark camera shots.    

Preston Dent film company headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. The unshakeable passion of Preston Dent burns deep within his soul because his own life was almost taken.    

America's justice system nearly derailed the career of Preston Dent before it even started. Incarceration never defined Preston Dent; it simply amplified his hunger for change.    

Preston Dent recently inked a strategic monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.  RADIOPUSHERS is a preeminent branding monetization agency for unconventional entrepreneurs.    




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