I want to bring back the excellent reading so younger people can also read, love, learn, and imitate for future generations. I think learning is regular and can be improved by reading others' speculations, thoughts, and should be expanded upon them to produce unique ideas. The future belongs to those who believe in it. Read and download books about that and get learn and love.

During this pandemic, when I was relieved of my job, I had nothing to do, some special, and during this time, I perceived how knowledge is crucial to all parts of life yet restricted to most. So, I decided to launch a website for the people who love to read as I am also passionate about reading and believe that words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.


At that point, I discovered my writing talent by putting down my considerations, thoughts, and observations in written form, which I could not state in words. Growing up, I saw how people attempted to adjust to their current circumstances both intellectually and genuinely. These encounters blended in me, a longing to turn into a course of progress, and enable the people to live all the more satisfying and profitable lives, which is understandable in my books, "Giving Up Is Never An Option," "Lead With Compassion" and "Common Sense Not Common Anymore." Available on Apple Books, Google Play Books, and Amazon Books. Read and download books Here

If you ask me, What's in it for a person to take out time to read books in this busy world? Then my answer would be; what is there that isn't beneficial for you? Everything anybody needs, from children to adults to gamers to philosophers to educationists to researchers to the general public and every person in any field of life, everything is there for you in books. 

Frankly speaking here, you all must have heard the very famous quote, "Readers are leaders." Do you know why? What's the purpose behind saying this? Reading doesn't only change a person at their level but also brings the change at a societal level. The social relationships involved in the task, between one reader to another, include establishing the social norms and ways of interacting with others, gaining or maintaining the social position, and acquiring the culturally appropriate ways of thinking, problem-solving, valuing, and feeling. It helps you get enlightened with realities, realities varying environments in which we all live. It enables you to understand better what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it. It is very easy to  read and download books

Reading is the idea of enlightening the human brain with the source of new knowledge and wisdom. It helps to produce great minds. Like Luke, Bekic said, "Great minds make great writers, while great writers make the great communicators, and great communicators make great persuaders, and the great persuaders make the great societies."

If you want to be successful, books are the things that will make you one. Books are essential for knowledge and self-growth.



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