Rebels of Detention Clothing is an independent brand based out of Cleveland, Ohio established in 2015 by Fashion Designer Ra’ Laura Carter. Rebels of Detention strives to create timeless clothing through art as inspiration.  


Rebels of Detention Clothing in PacMan Jacket ​  

Fashion Designer in PacMan Jacket  

Fashion Designer: Ra’ Laura Carter    
Photo by: Trigger Jones

In November of 2016 Rebels of Detention was featured in RAW Columbus Fashion Show in Columbus, Ohio showcasing a variety of designs from jackets to dresses.  

 Rebels of Detention - Amari Raw Show Graffiti Dress





 Graffiti Knit Dress    
Model: Amari Pierce    
Photography by: Manda @HelloPandaPhoto ​  


Rebels of Detention is a street style brand that goes by the mantra, “Be You”, which stands for one’s own creativity and style in fashion. Maintaining versatility in how you dress and not dress according to how people say you should dress. That is where the word play on “Rebels” derives, if you are going to be a Rebel do it with a purpose.  




 I Don’t Apologize Jacket  
Model: Angelana Jones   
Photo by: Trigger Jones @dreamtrap831

 Rebels Of Detention


Rebels of Detention clothing line is based off expressions and how one feels through word play and art. Combining them both together creates handmade designs through her vision and craft. She is motivated to create designs to a non-conforming standard and giving life to each design made.  

 Rebels of Detention Clothing



Selfish VS. Selfless Denim Shirt   
Model: Joharraofficial   
Photography by: Trigger Jones @dreamtrap831    

Contact Information:    

Where you can see Ra’ Laura Carter designs and reach out to her for custom orders:  
Rebels of Detention Clothing Launch Party with be May 6, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio  


If you need any additional information please contact!!

Fashion Designer: Ra' Laura @msralaura83  
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    
Instagram: @rebelsofdetention  
Facebook: @Rebelsofdetention  
Website: Coming soon in March   

Rebels of Detention Clothing (ROD) 216-315-7819

Rebels Of Detention Clothing

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