The race is always on for the next big star out of New York. With most “overnight success” comes 10,000 hours of experience. Yonkers, NY Rob artist Rob Twizz show’s resilience after a decade in the music industry by finally releasing his debut E.P “If Not Now Then When” landing him #15 on the iTunes charts. This makes him the first artist to independently enter the Top 20 Hip-Hop/Rap charts with no record label coming out of Westchester County. Many artists have seen success in Westchester such as DMX, Mary J Blige, Heavy D, LOX and so on, but all with major label’s backing them. Nonetheless, this is a major win for an independent rapper! 

The album “If Not Now Then When” features 5 records with a spotlight music video “Chef Curry” featuring Roc Nation recording artist Manolo Rose. Rob Twizz took to social media to praise companies such as Tunecore who assist with making independent releases come to life and allow indie artist to handle their business professionally. The famous saying, women lie, men lie, numbers don’t cannot be any clearer in the music industry. In an industry where numbers matter, you cannot fake sales. Not anyone can just debut on the top 100 without having a valid following and support system. Rob Twizz continues to grow his presence with his YouTube channel now at 20,000 subscribers and 5 million plus views, although he credits word of mouth and pre-orders for the success of his album.

Rob’s most recent release “Adam Sandler” is a hip-hop musical remake of the 1996 classic “Happy Gilmore.” He pays homage to the movie by rapping on a golf course and name dropping 25 + Adam Sandler puns. It is something we have never seen done before, as he raps with a prosthetic hand and inflatable alligator in reference to fictional golfer Chubbs Peterson. His unique style and classic hip hop influence is bringing back nostalgia for NYC. We like to give flowers while we still can, and we are looking forward to his future releases. Rob Twizz




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