Scott Manthorne is a global leader and serial entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in his field. His expertise includes marketing, business development, strategic networking, and philanthropic endeavors. His passion for helping others has led him to work with some of the most prolific executives across the globe. Scott’s forthcoming book ‘The Network Effect: Stories from The Inside Circle’ is the must read book of the summer.


Looking back on your career, do you recall an event that helped catapult your business to the successful level it is currently at?

With regards to the book, it happened on November 11th when I was fired from my company.  At 56, this was the first time it happened, and I was “floored”.  But in the aftermath, and only a few short days later, I decided to start writing. 

Your book, The Network Effect: Stories from The Inside Circle can easily be turned into a series. How do you envision the topics for future editions?

I have over ten additional ideas and am already working on three of them.  The Brand Effect, The Gaming Effect, and the Luxury Effect.

You network with so many individuals at many different levels. Is there a commonality that you find among them all?

My core network shares many common values which include family first, giving back and always being respectful of others.

As a global networker, who is someone you would love to connect with that you have not had the opportunity yet to do so and why?

I follow two individuals on Instagram, Jimmy Buffet & Richard Branson.  Have been to almost 30 concerts, so that answer is obvious.  As for Sir Richard Branson, I just respect everything about him.

What is one place you haven’t traveled yet that is on your bucket list?


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