The founder of several successful beauty brands and a bestselling author and celebrity in Australia, Serena DC has taken her talents worldwide as a TV personality, relationship expert, beauty mogul, and entrepreneur.


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Serena first became known for entrepreneurship with her company Secret Stylist, one of the biggest beauty brands since 2008. Later, her lead role in the worldwide hit reality show, "Instant Hotel" on Netflix, made her a household name in Australia.


In the US, Serena DC is also the host of a brand new celebrity interview series called Hollywood Disclosure which will be out in July on the FYI network, and the lead in the new reality series Dream Life which will be out later this year, focusing on her relocation to LA and giving a behind the curtain look at her Empire. These shows are establishing her in the multi hyphenate world and leading to comparisons such as a younger Oprah Winfrey meets Kylie Jenner.


Spending her time between Los Angeles and Melbourne, Serena is working on cultivating her businesses and managing several successful brands based around the idea of Love. Her motto being “Look good on the outside, feel good on the inside,” and she’s expanded this into every aspect of her empire. From being the author of a bestselling book “Love Me, Love Me” about finding love and loving oneself first, she expanded this to an e-learning App called “The Love Academy” that Serena refers to as a “Masterclass for Love” that harness the skills and advice of Love Experts from around the world to teach us how to Give, Receive and Search for Love. Serena also embraces the extension of that concept of self-love through self-care with her global brand. Her mission is to “provide high quality products at affordable prices” because everyone deserves to feel beautiful.


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In Serena’s new talk show “Hollywood Disclosure” she will be interviewing Caitlyn Jenner, Corey Feldman, Deepak Chopra, Colin Eggelsfield, and Tara Reid, as well as many more Hollywood celebrities. Serena takes her interviewees on a guided journey through their most challenging times, revealing never before heard stories of love & personal transformation, in order to peel back the layers of the fame facade for the viewer and show them how to recover from their own trials and tribulations. Through this new series Serena’s ultimate mission is to teach her viewers how to give love, receive love and search for love in healthy ways.


Take note of where you first heard the name Serena DC. Whether it will be because you bought her revolutionary new product Gel Bae, from her fast growing beauty empire Secret Stylist, or on her upcoming show Serena Hollywood Disclosure which will be out in July on the FYI network, or on “Dream Life,” her reality show coming out this summer, or if you read her book, used her app, or saw her in an interview; whichever it was, it will be the first of many times as she takes the world by storm.


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