Photo provided by: Shayy Soprano 💋 (@shayysoprano) 


Being fearless is a part of Championship DNA.   

The most potent adverse force that exists is invisible. This invisible force controls people's lives, destinies, and mental peace.  


Fear is the #1 enemy of manifestation. Fear engulfs people's dreams and erases their personal identity.   


Leaving them living a life of regret and mediocrity. Fear never takes a day off and continually applies pressure at the highest levels. Natural-born leaders and visionaries possess ultra-unique fearless energy. They process uncertainty and danger differently than average humans.   

Running or shrinking back is never an option. They embrace their pain, fear, and doubt without compromise. Shayy Soprano is not normal. Shayy Soprano's life story is a never-ending novel. She epitomizes and exudes the essence of being self-made.   


Shayy Soprano has no rearview mirrors on her car in 2022  


Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Shayy Soprano is an uncontrollable electrifying force in the music world. Shayy Soprano's music embodies the definition of fearlessness.  

Her journey through betrayal, incalculable pain, unthinkable darkness, and racism has never derailed her train of destiny. Shayy Soprano's musical footprint and impact stretch from Jamaica to California. 

Her latest single, 'Stay Inna Diss,' has captured the ears and respect of DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami is an iHeartRadio station and broadcasts in 100+ countries. 'Stay Inna Diss' is one of the most requested tracks on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. 

Shayy Soprano's movement is undeniable at this point. Shayy Soprano is a Global Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS.   


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