America is the land of opportunity and optimal freedom. People die in pursuit of making it to the 'Promise land.' America was built by slaves and immigrants. Everything from the traffic light to the elevator was created by slaves or immigrants.   

Immigrants deeply enriched and enhanced music in America. Jamaican singer/songwriter Bob Marley is highly regarded as the pioneer of reggae music globally.  

Bob Marley's music changed the musical landscape and illuminated the lifestyle of Jamaica. The spirit of Bob Marley's music lives in Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Christian, and Country music.    

Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Shellece Sheen is an emerging international music star. Shellece Sheen's dynamism lies within her music's emotional intelligence and precise instrumentation.    

Shellece Sheen vocal range mesmerizes listeners and enables her to have a broader mass appeal. Shellece Sheen music contains a signature formula that injects aspiration and inspiration into the minds of listeners.    

Shellece Sheen musical passion is felt in every verse, bridge, intro, and chorus. Shellece Sheen's understands her purpose and gift from God.   

Her music originates from purity and lives inside a person's soul. Music is the world's universal language and contains the power to heal, inspire, educate, and empower people's life. Shellece Sheen fanbase stretches from America to Saint Vincent.    

Her musical catalog is ultra-diverse can touch on topics ranging from relationships to personal growth. Shellece Sheen movement continues to build momentum in 2021.    

Jonathan P-Wright is the CVO of RADIOPUSHERS and RADIOPUSHERS.  RADIOPUSHERS is a preeminent monetization agency for unorthodox entrepreneurs. 

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