COVID-19 affected the course of humanity to a much greater extent in 2020. Social distance, masks, and constant hand sanitizing became our new regular, transforming our way of life. Millions of artists were left in financial uncertainty when the country shut down and the economy froze. In the year 2020, America was experiencing both racial and economic crises.  

The murders of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery helped the world understand systemic racism is real in America and must be addressed worldwide. Across Divided America, black mothers mourn the loss of their sons, including Rashard Brooks, who was fatally shot by law enforcement without repentance.  

People have always turned to music as a source of hope and inspiration. People of color have been empowered and uplifted by songs like NWA’s ‘Express Yourself’ to speak the truth even in front of everyone regardless of their economic or cultural status.  

Youth culture is invigorated by Hip Hop music, which strikes fear into traditional attitudes in America. It is a universal force of unity within America.  

Pittsburgh, aka ‘PISTOLVANIA’ based entrepreneur and major recording artist Skorge Da Hoodlum, reflects the raw, uncensored, and introspective lifestyle. Hustler’s ambition, street dreams, hood love, La Familia, and jungle rules are infused into every aspect of his music.     

Regardless of what his music and life are like, Skorge Da Hoodlum never compromises authenticity for clout. Skorge Da Hoodlum’s lyrics provide clarity, hope, inspiration, and aspiration.    

Skorge Da Hoodlum maintains the honor of walking on any block in Pittsburgh without fear. Every corner of Pittsburgh appreciates Skorge Da Hoodlum’s moral compass and street pedigree. Skorge Da Hoodlum’s music profoundly impacts hustlers, street legends, and youth culture.  

Skorge Da Hoodlum’s musical influence reaches across 6 countries and 3 continents. Skorge Da Hoodlum is the CEO of T4YENT and the Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERSRADIOPUSHERS is a global branding monetization agency for out-of-the-box entrepreneurs.    

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for Elucid Magazine and RESULTSANDNOHYPE.   

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