Snatched is seeking to revolutionize the world of aesthetic medicine one non-invasive procedure at a time. With locations in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, Snatched provides customers with a spa-like experience while offering effective beauty treatments that do not require surgery.

Snatched was founded by Ani Malkhasyan and Sadiyah Karimi, registered nurses who have also gained their Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in nursing. Both women worked in the ICU for several years before choosing to pursue their dream of aesthetic medical treatments. Snatched appeals to a new generation of clients who want fast results with minimal recovery time. On their website, they proudly display Urban Dictionary’s definition of “snatched:” “To look and feel fierce and flawless. When someone is ‘snatched’, they’ve reached the highest level of fierce beauty.” 

Snatched takes the mission for fierce and flawless beauty seriously. They offer a large variety of treatments, including injectables, body contouring, Forma tissue remodeling, Morpheus8 microneedling, and PDO thread lifting, for which they have been ranked the top provider by PDO Thread Consumers.



In an interview with QP Fashion Magazine, Malkhasyan states their goal clearly: “Changing the perception that beauty is perfection. Beauty is uniqueness…Confidence is beauty. Beauty is a state of mind.” With this perspective, Snatched does not try to “fix” clients in any way, but rather make them more comfortable in their own skin and enhance the beauty they already possess.  

Speaking with Voyage LA, Karimi discussed the women’s desire to do something more with their careers. “We had been working as ICU nurses for two years,” she says. “As much as we enjoyed helping patients and saving lives in the hospital, we knew that we also had a passion for a field that was entirely different.” Malkhasyan connected their experience in the ICU to their work now, telling QP Fashion Magazine, “We simply hand [clients] the mirror and ask them to discuss their features, concerns, what they want to improve and what they expect from the services they’ve selected. This is where we tap right back into ICU mode - not because anything critical is happening physically, but because something critical is happening mentally.”

Customers who are looking for a safe path to beauty enhancement can count on Malkhasyan and Karimi, whose time spent in the ICU has prepared them to handle virtually any medical situation. It has also shown them that pain from surgery and recovery time after is not desirable, especially when the same results can be achieved without it. This is why Snatched offers a wide selection of non-invasive procedures that cause the least possible discomfort and recovery.

Since Snatched opened on January 6, 2020, the spa has grown exponentially and helped hundreds of clients achieve their beauty goals. Appointments can be booked online or by phone at 424-345-4445.



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