On November 12, 2018, millions around the world felt the enormous loss of Marvel Comics creator & legend, Stan Lee. Over the last 60 years, Mr. Lee opens the portals to our imagination through the comic book heroes and stories he created. A connection was formed when one picked up a Marvel Comic. Its creator became more than just a storyteller or mere illustrator, he became our friend who gave us the opportunity to dream…To believe. On that day, as the world mourned the death of their friend, a daughter mourned the passing of her beloved father. J.C Lee was by his side until the very end. She was his absolute everything, his greatest creation. Inspired by her father’s creativity and thirst for life, J.C grew up to become his “right-hand man”.  She dedicated her life to not only preserving her father’s memory but proclaiming his love for his work and his fans for all the world to hear. On this day, what would have been her father’s 96 birthday, we were able to sit down with J.C to understand a little bit more about the man who is, and will always remain, the ultimate legend.


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My father was always seeking new ways to use his art and storytelling to encourage kids to read. He also wanted to use the power of comics to help children with the initial process of learning to read. In his honor, we are starting the Stan Lee Childhood Literacy Foundation to work with various psychology, medical, film, and literary and graphic arts programs at Universities around the world to study and improve worldwide childhood literacy. This project is near and dear to my heart and is something I plan to dedicate a lot of time to. Our mission is wonderful and later this year you will be hearing a lot about what I hope will become very groundbreaking work.

Q: It would have been your father’s birthday today. What did you do as a family in the past to celebrate your father? Do you have a story from a past birthday you can share?

A: I think many people will be surprised by this, but Daddy wasn’t a big holiday’s guy…Birthday’s included. You have to understand that Daddy came from extraordinarily humble beginnings, and his family didn’t have the money to really celebrate anything in his youth, so he always stayed away from really celebrating any holidays. Of course, when I really came to understand this about him, we made every effort to make the holidays special. So over time, Daddy got into the holidays, and started to really enjoy them. I remember to always insist that he blow out a candle, even if it was a cupcake, and make a wish. Balloons were also a must! All Daddy really cared about was family, and I always made sure that the holidays always had a celebration, family, and LOVE! One really exciting birthday memory that comes to mind was one of my birthday’s we celebrated together. He was strolling through Beverly Hills, and he walked by the Sharper Image store on Santa Monica. He noticed that there was a giant Spider Man statue on the window display. He walked in and got the statue. I always remembered thinking what those guys that worked in the store thought when they saw Stan Lee buying a SPIDER MAN STATUE! Anyway, I was back home studying, and I remember he was very eager to get me to go the guest house. When I walked in, there was the statue, covered in balloons! Daddy always asked for his birthday present to be either a painting or a poem. He would say, “If I want it, I’ll buy it. I want something that comes from you. Make me a painting, write me poem. I want something I can’t get in a store.” Daddy loved my poetry, that was always his gift.

Q: What was it like growing up with Stan Lee as a father? Was he always reading you comic books? What attributes or character traits do you share with your dad?

A: It was Brilliant! I mean, not to sound flippant, but it was absolutely brilliant! That, and include my fascinating, talented, creative mother…I was hooked from day one. I wouldn’t trade my upbringing for nothing in this world. I am and will always remain their number one fan! I was a witness to the greatest love story between two creative geniuses. He never really read me any of his comic books. He never asked for advice, suggestions, or approval. He was a one-man band when it came to his creations. He instead would encourage me to pursue my own creative interests, and find the stories that I wanted to explore. In regards to character traits, my mother used to say anytime Daddy and I had an argument, “Of course you are, you two are far too similar!”. And we were. I am definitely my father’s daughter.


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Q: What was the best advice he gave you as a father?

A: I remember he told me, “If you make it, you’ll make it on your own. One day you’ll thank me for it you’ll own your success.” He did not believe in nepotism. A part of me at that time wished he was a bit more like today’s “pimp” parents, but in retrospect, that could have never happened…He was an old school gentleman.

Q: What’s your favorite memory of him that you would like to share?

A: Being his number one fan, I was beyond fortunate enough to live moments with him that I’m keenly aware most never get the opportunity to experience. I remember going with him to the premiere of the last Marvel film, and walking across Hollywood Blvd with him, and noticing the thousands of people on either side of the carpet chanting his name. It was almost like a spiritual experience, watching him ascend above all the movie stars and filmmakers onto some new plateau that connected him to his fans. I have never experienced anything like that before with him.

Being with him almost everyday of my life, working with him, sharing our lives together, I felt the amount he received from fans all around the world. I mean this with great sincerity, but I was aware that I was sharing him with all of you. It was a genuine pleasure and honor to share him with love to all of you, because I knew what he gave you guys. I’m not trying to be frivolous, he loved each and every one of you guys right back and I actually will forever love all of you for loving him.


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Q: How has it been since he passed?

A: I honestly just want him back.

Q: If he was here on his birthday, what you like to be able to say him?

A: I love him more that he could ever know, and how thankful I am for the glorious life he gave me. Daddy gave me a life and made me happier beyond all belief. And that he was right. When you do it yourself and succeed, you own that success. And you better believe that I will have the candle and that cupcake, and I will blow it out for you today!

Q: What are you doing now to keep his memory alive?

A: The list is too long, many of the projects I can’t currently discuss at this moment, but I’ve got a lot of treats for the fans up my sleeve… I want to continue to preserve his legacy, and the current projects we are working on, will introduce his creative brilliance to fans for generations to come!

Q: What are your future plans?

A: Besides working on “The Mirror”, “Fuze”, and “Dirt Man”, I’m very interested in creating a comic book for children on the Autism spectrum… Something I learned from my father was that age is nothing but a number, and right now, I feel like I’m 21 again, and creating works that I hope will continue to make my Daddy proud! 

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