Famed for his early 2000s style fashions & prints, Boston born celebrity designer Steves Peeps is an underground sensation. Read our catch-up with Steves Peeps to find out what makes the famed designer tick...

Elucid: When did you start working on the early 2000s inspired fashion?
Steve: I would have to say around 2013, around 2009 or, so I started wearing 90s type fashions way before it was cool to bring it back. When 2013 came rolling around I noticed the industry chains such as H&M & Urban Outfitters started catching on to the movement that was growing so I switched everything up.


Elucid: If you could shop in the closets of three people, who would you choose and why?
Steve: That is a really hard one. First would be Lenny Kravitz. King of the Saint Laurent look. I like how Lenny puts fits together effortlessly. Second would be NSYNC because their fashion was so extreme. I feel like it really made a statement in their music videos. Third would be Karl Lagerfeld for obvious reasons.


Elucid: Who was the last celebrity to make you feel star struck?
Steve: Michael Jackson, I met him a few months before he died. This was in 2009 so that should tell you I really never get starstruck by anyone. They tell you never to meet your idols and it's true. I kind of like to persevere the image I have of the greats so it does not get tarnished by something stupid they may do in front of you or something they say.


Elucid: Speaking of starstruck has anyone ever gotten starstruck by you?
Steve: Sometimes when I am walking in Boston I get the look backs or the shocked look. I can't pretend it doesn't happen because it does. I don't really see myself as a fashion celebrity at all so it is all quite amusing. I feel like in Los Angeles it is worse because of the papps being at places like LAX airport, and they think you are Jared Leto or something.... that is a story for another day.


Elucid: What color would we find the most of in your closet?
Steve: Black.


Elucid: Whatís your re-occurring nightmare?
Steve: Not being able to finish everything I set to accomplish out in this world because of time constraints. Time is a luxury we all take for granted.


Elucid: What five people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Steve: Oprah, Michael Jackson, Scottie Pippen, Steve Jobs, Dalai Lama.


Elucid: What is one thing you would tell your younger self?
Steve: Don't listen to anyone but yourself. Trust your instinct.


Elucid: What does it feel like to be considered an oracle of early 2000s fashion nostalgia?
Steve: It's alright I guess. I don't really think about any of the celebrities or models I may or may not be influenced directly or indirectly I just do my own thing.


Elucid: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us.
Steve: No problem.

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