Suk Ram Haircare promotes a lifestyle that inculcates sustainable living and passionate about providing a truly luxurious experience whilst making it easier for everyone to take a step towards a more sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyle.


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After years of hard work and research, Suk Ram Haircare have developed a luxurious affordable product range that not only reflects the things that you care about, but there own beliefs and inspirations as well. Focused on offering the nation haircare solutions with efficacy at their heart, the 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free collection comprises products infused with organic, natural ingredients. Free from chemicals including parabens, SLS and SLES, all packaging is recyclable – perfect for consumers looking to endorse a more sustainable way of life. The 27-strong range, manufactured in Australia, fuses luxury with nature curated for retailers within wet-line and styling categories alongside luxurious additions to the range in home and bodycare categories adding to the promotion of all-round wellbeing and a more natural, sustainable way of life.

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Suk Ram is an international hairstylist and has been in the industry for the last twenty years. He has a worldwide following of clients and far-reaching involvement in the editorial hairstyling world. He has a history filled with celebrity clients who have used his talents as their go to Hairstylist. 

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Other than that the hair-guru has been part of creating looks for multiple fashion shows season after season. He has graced many stages sharing his love for hairstyle and has a catalogue of international brand collaborations. Did you think that was all? No, this man has not sat idle for a day, when he was not roaming around the world creating hairstyle. He was passionately developing his brand for us all to fall in love with. With his extensive knowledge and years of experience in hairstyle, Suk Ram has created a 'haircare range' that is taking the industry by storm.

His beautifully packaged luxury haircare line is being highly appreciated by celebrities and users across the world.

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