Hip-Hop music brand is the most polarizing and influential music genre ever created in modern history. Hip-Hop music has creatively transformed and redefined pop culture. Hip-Hop is a raw ingenious, and transformative music art form.  

Rap music brand combines graphic storytelling, human beatboxing, unparalleled charisma, and God-given dynamism. Rap music was labeled a fad and underdog in the early stages of its existence.    

The majority of Americans deemed rap music violent, derogatory amongst youth culture, and cross-promotion of drug use and glorifying criminal enterprises. Rap music challenged America's justice system and social injustices from its inception.

Hip-Hop's iconic group N.W.A. infused hope, bravado, and power into every black community with their game-changing single 'Express Yourself. Hip-Hop was created from creative brilliance and inner-city pain. 

Hip-Hop music's transformative power and impact have redefined the landscape of humanity. Hip-Hop is the most consumed music genre worldwide and dominates every social media platform. Every human race and ethnicity streams, downloads, and watches rap music as their daily routine. 

Syfy-X reflects the new, raw, and transparent energy in Hip-Hop. Syfy-X music paints a vivid picture of pain, struggle, sexism, passion, opulence, and Championship D.N.A. Syfy-X's diverse music catalog caters to a mass appeal audience, and his fanbase continues to increase in 2021.   

Syfy-X is a Multiplatform Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist and one of the leaders in Generation Z Hip-Hop. Youth culture, F.M. Radio programmers, D.J.s, club promoters, and top music executives cosign Syfy-X's music brand prowess and superstar ability.

Syfy-X understands the high risk and high reward music business. Syfy-X's career has no ceiling, and his music is a bridge to generational wealth.    

Syfy-X entered into a strategic monetization joint venture with RADIOPUSHERS.  RADIOPUSHERS is an upper-echelon branding agency for artists/entrepreneurs.    



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