South Korea has shown overwhelming performance in many fields claiming that it is now the era of "Hallyu" (Korean Wave).


Korean mainstream culture has clearly made remarkable achievements as you can see through BTS’ winning four Billboard Music Awards, and roaring success of Squid Game, Hellbound, and the movie Parasite. While people were mesmerized by K-pop and K-movies, Korean tattoo culture has also made remarkable progress in tattoo scene, producing a new word “Korean Style Tattoo.”

While the energy coming from that small peninsula is fascinating the globe, Korean tattoo artists are spreading their styles all around the world utilizing their SNS

Tattooist Sodam is in the front line of this Korean style tattoo wave and has actively performed in Seoul for 15 years.

Tattooist Sodam opened up his own studio in 2009 in South Korea, and has offered exclusive and unique styles of tattoo to diverse clients. There are more than two thousand tattoos in his portfolio. As Korean style tattoo is getting popular, he provides tattoo lessons as well, proving how tattoo can be commercially and artistically successful.

In 2016, he was the first runner-up in Sabah international tattoo convention held in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for his blackwork. Since then, many foreign clients have visited his studio, and also he was invited as a guest artist and met clients from various countries.

His unique Korean style tattoo is becoming a trend.


Even though Sodam is a male artist, his clients are mostly women. That is because his tattoo designs are tranquil and romantic rather than bold and violent. However he does not limit himself to one style.

“I like all genres of tattoo. There are a lot of different tattoo styles like black and gray, line work, micro-tattoo, color work, black work, and so many more, but I don’t think there are boundaries. Today, many artists have their own identity, but I purely love the action of tattooing itself so it is too difficult for me to set a boundary between different genres. I’ve tried a few times, but I failed as I expected. I love my life as a tattoo artist and I feel very happy that I am doing what I love.”



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Phone : +82 10 7701 7273
City: Seoul
Country: S.korea


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