• Thimoj NFTs represents France in the world of NFTs for several months.
  • With a capitalization measured at nearly 130,000,000 euros and four record transfers in ETH (French record).
  • Thimoj has managed to climb into the top 50 NFTS companies worldwide.

Teddy Celdran was the iconic director of the brand. He gave birth to Astro, Junny and Len, the three flagship characters of what later became the astroverse.

A multitude of partnerships were made which propelled this company in the space of less than a year to the rank of French reference in the field.

All the brands are fighting to collaborate and it is thanks to collaborations with Thimoj that Coca-Cola decided to open its own collection.

A world that mixes advanced graphics, encoding under different Blockchain (polygon, ETH, Atom ...) they were also the first to conduct experiments with ETH2.0, tests that have allowed several corrections at the source.


Thimoj has become a real brand.

Premises have been opened in Miami to allow the 70 employees to work together in a friendly and efficient way. A step forward for a French company! Export to the United States, Successful since a first exhibition "Space - Astro" on the 1st floor of the premises of Thimoj attracted nearly 1200 people during the first week.


A beautiful story that had to end for Teddy rather hastily because of certain revelations that we will not talk about out of respect for him.

 It is by announcing the next collaborations with Disney and during a legendary evening in the most famous club in the world "Amnesia" in Ibiza, that the two renowned DJs, Liu and Marten Horger, have presented their collections with Thimoj and have announced at the same time the departure of Teddy.

  • Such a company generates millions of euros per month.
  • Floor prices no longer go below 13 ETH.
  • Contracts with all the biggest brands as well as the biggest musical or graphic artists (Black Pumas, BlackBear, Charlie Puth, Richard Orlinski ...).
  • A real gold mine, that's why the new director decided to remain totally anonymous.

However, the latest information shows that everything suggests that it is Julie Eys (Director of The Junny Universe) who will take over. She is one of the recipients of one of the four record transfers from ETH and "Junny" has always been present through the Thimoj collections.  Whether it is her or not, we wish good luck to the next leader of Thimoj who is in the process of reuniting the astroverse with the "meta-Cyba" land in early 2023 to create the largest metaverse listed to date all under the ETH2.0 Blockchain in preview.





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