Hiroshima Office Press is promoting its online gallery and is open to scholars, students, and artists for showcasing their collections of artwork. The gallery is an online space to connect art and human, for anyone looking to place their works. They have a free place to showcase your work and visit the gallery.

About Audrius Razma from Hiroshima Office Press.

He graduated from Art and Design school in London and for a while he was working for an Art Gallery but eventually, he started his career in Design and Creative writing. Audrius grew up in Lithuanian post-soviet era and was educated about art and design in London. He was learning from design masters and traveling the world.

Audrius Razma is from a former military family and farmers who are a different branch to his family. He is working his day job in logistics import and export business while maintaining international cultural author career writing and entertaining industry arts in developing the Hiroshima Office Press movement.
The main stories he writes are about splatterpunk. He creates and sells stories, digital paper collage portraits, graphic design works for digital books. It is freelance work as an author outside a day job in a logistics warehouse.

The Hiroshima Office Press has published two types of novels found in our gallery designed for men Saturdays and housewives Mondays. The HO Press continues to publish at 8 AM Jakarta time.

The first series of military drama sequels we have so far are about Sakura in the Gravity, Korean Peninsula, and European ID. The drama revolves around our brave heroes completing cruel and violent NATO missions to rediscover their friendship within a cold and hostile world. The sequels of Love Volume about Love Me Long, Love and International Tolerance you can find on our digital store shelves thanks to our Daku Amadeus.

Our love drama continues to portray international romance fighting racism and for the right to love with unknown twists of a tale in merciless passion and hate how much love you can find changing one’s heart.


Audrius Razma

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