The Chrevolet Corvette is undoubtedly one of the most iconic automobiles in history, and anyone who sees one equates it with a status symbol. Exactly this cult speedster is now the title holder of the latest song by the American singer & songwriter Thomas Matthews, who wrote a number with Blue Corvette that is about togetherness and no not about the love for a car, but for a loved one. This talented singer, composer and musician has dedicated himself to the musical arts since 2017 and current.

Thomas Matthews is pleased to announce the March 2022 release of his next single, Fill It Up. Building off the success of his debut single, Blue Corvette which was released in 2021, Thomas Matthews looks to carry this momentum forward as he promises 2022 will have plenty more to offer. This contemporary Country artist blends the full, immersive sound of today’s Country music with the nostalgic, classic Western overtones which borrow themes of love, inspiration and brings joy to all audiences.

Fill It Up explores the imagery of getting together with loved ones, enjoying each other’s company, and as Thomas Matthews describes; “having some let loose fun”. This upbeat track also creates a dynamic metaphor for the thrill of making it through the hectic work week and being able to finally unwind and relax with great friends, good food, and killer Country music.

“We often have those weeks where it’s like ‘oh my God will this week ever end?’” Thomas Matthews recalls while penning Fill It Up, “This song was built from that aspect and having something to look forward to come the weekend.” As a relatable concept for a single, Thomas Matthews feels the connection with his audience as his catalog grows with each track. As his streaming numbers continue to grow, this Country baritone grows more confident with every song he writes.

As a vocalist, Thomas Matthews creates intricate phrases, building tension with each new concept introduced. He resolves this tension with a dynamic vocal range as he is able to reach notes which catch the listener off-guard and leave them pleasantly satisfied. Musically, armed with his acoustic guitar, Thomas Matthews couples open chord melodies with arpeggiated rhythms. This style of playing keeps the tracks ever-moving forward as each verse, chorus, and bridge play off each other creating songs ready for commercial radio and Country playlists for anybody to enjoy.

Thomas Matthews looks to continue performing his latest single, Fill It Up as well as his hit Blue Corvette. As his audiences grow, Thomas has his sights set on performing in coliseums in the very near future. Please join Thomas Matthews as he celebrates the March 2022 release of Fill It Up on all major streaming services, and join the Country experience of Blue Corvette now.

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