Renowned international portrait photographer Tom Williams launches his collaboration with Austrian Instagram model Florian Macek, bringing Peaky Blinders fashion to Vienna with his signature creativity.



The Old Smoke collection shot in February 2022, showcases iconic 1920s London looks, inspired by the hit British TV show Peaky Blinders, and is set against some of Vienna’s most inspirational community art centers. Locations include the atmospheric Zukunftshof Farm Estate and the back-in-time industrial vibes of the old Wien Brotfabrik (Vienna bread factory).

Showcasing the best of Viennese talent.

Lead model, co-producer, and local Viennese talent, the internationally recognized Florian Macek, was joined by some of the most promising upcoming stars in Vienna’s performance art world. For Macek, the collaborative nature of the shoot made it a particularly innovative project in which to be involved.

He says, “Everything was impeccably prepared, from the authentic costumes to the amazing shooting locations. It’s always fun to work with Tom. He always brings the shoot to the next level and I can’t wait to see the outcome.”



Collaboration and precision

The collection of stunning 1920s-esque images portrays an authentic vision of inter-war London with a unique Vienna twist. Something that photographer Tom Williams credits to a commitment to precision from everyone involved.

Williams says, “We tried to get the look precise which was only possible through unity as a team. The level of local collaboration in this project was just so inspirational, including stylists, retouchers, make-up artists, hairstylists, and the best actors and models we could find in Vienna. 

“The production also involved two casting agencies - Vienna's leading talent agency, Stella Models, and Graz-based Flare Talents. The production was also overseen by Artist Meshwork Management, a rapidly expanding new agency making waves in the Viennese model and acting scene.

“Photography is beyond a profession for me. I just love capturing genuine emotions, bringing an artistic twist, and drawing inspiration from the fine arts world to make my work shine. Being able to draw on the talents of so many local artists for this project has been truly inspirational.”



Drawing inspiration from Peaky Blinders

Working with the dapper fashions of the 1920s was a dream come true for make-up artist Nadine Stephanie in particular.


“I‘ve always been fascinated by the Roaring 20s, and I used my love of Peaky Blinders and the book The Great Gatsby to make sure the hair & make-up looked authentic yet updated to today's beauty standards. 

“For the men, we made sure that the skin looked very natural. For our female model, it was all about the real-life beauty icons of the 20s era. Women like Greta Garbo and Clara Bow. For a 20s make-up look, sexy eyes and dark lipstick are a must.”


The Old Smoke collection of images is available to view at


About Tom Williams

Tom Williams is an international freelance fine art, portrait, and fashion photographer. His uniquely creative style draws on influences from the fine art world and his collaboration with fellow artists. Visit or follow him on Instagram at tommwphotography.


Florian Macek

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