They focus on bringing out the unique qualities that exist in everyone and create self-awareness in the care and keeping of our bodies. They help strengthen family bonds, create a positive self-image, and increase self-confidence creating a positive perception and direction in life.


Empowering boys, girls, men & women to tap in and recognize their unique qualities, increase self-confidence and develop a mature perspective in fashion. It is our intent to develop both the inner and outer qualities of each person in order to achieve an overall sophistication and an expression of confidence, security, responsibility, and a prosperous direction in life.

At Be Uniquely-Kreated, we created a line you can be confident within yourself, secure in your environment, and have a positive direction for your life without worrying about what you have on.

“The more you like Yourself, the less You are like anyone else, which makes you Unique!" - Walt Disney "


Understand that true beauty comes from the inside, not from your clothes or outward appearance. You use fashion to accent your beauty, not to define you or give you worth. You find a style that is your own - and one you are comfortable with. Which is Uniquely-Kreated made for everyone - CEO LeAndre



Q1: What does UK stand for?

UK stands for Uniquely-Kreated to win!! The name was given to me by my father. It was only right I would start a business with my middle name. UK is an apparel line that is designed by me. Its purpose is to have anyone that wears it regardless of color, body shape or background to be bold and stand out. The clothes should speak for you soon as you enter a room. It's meant to make a statement. We are not the typical person you see in magazines, and that is okay. Just OWN who you are and be confident without apologizing. We all are Uniquely-Kreated by God!!. So why fit in when you were born to stand out. It is a mother-son duo. Empowering faith, health, identity, and determination.

Q2: What has been the hardest thing you had to deal with so far?

Not having the funds nor resources to be able to follow my passion. Hearing so many no's, why are you doing this? Hearing the doubters and naysayers. When I booked a photoshoot and saved up all my money just to make sure it was over the top and the photographer got upset because I didn't choose them to also do my commercial. Even though my package deal came with behind-the-scenes footage. Instead of being professional they did not deliver nor meet my expectations and to know I worked so hard to save up just to do the shoot and I ended up with nothing at all. That's when I learned it's not about the quality but about someone believing enough in you to birth out the dream you imagined. It's a live and learn lesson. At that time I didn't know why God allowed that to happen to me. But, now I know it had to make, shape, and mold me to be on the level I'm at now. And taught me not to overlook the other small businesses that are just like me waiting on their turn to rise. 

Q3: Who would you say is your biggest competition?

Me! My competitor is myself. If I focused on what everyone else is doing I'll miss out on what I could be doing. The only competition I have is stuck in my mirror. We are not the same I'm designing from my heart and trusting God to lead the way. What sets me apart is, I'm doing what I love with the person I love the most my son..

Q4: who or what motivates you?

My mother, father, sisters, and brothers. But most importantly my son, nieces, and nephews. They don't see my flaws. All they see is me not giving up and showing them they can do whatever they put they mind to. My family is my inspiration because no matter how many failed relationships, business ideas and even dumb choices I made they never once downed me but believed in me and encouraged me to go even harder.. without them it would be no me nor UK.

Q5: Who would you like to thank?

First I have to thank God for giving me this gift and entrusting me with it. I thank my mom and dad for always being in my corner, for continuouslyfasting and praying for me. I thank God for them daily and the faith they have in God and me. I thank God prayers don't have an expiration date, (lol) I thank my sisters (Lytisha, Jeanette, Cam, Kara, and Tonya) My brothers (Leonard & Jeff) for always having my back and putting me in line. My nieces and nephews watched me grow and definitely being my hype man. lol.. my son LeAndre Williams for understanding everything I do is for him. How he pushes me to want to do better. To my sister Ambry Ivy and niece Taylor Ivy for pushing me beyond my limits. Being there every step of the way, being my calm in my storm. For the continued prayers. I love you sissy.

Thank you to O.N.E.Fitness gym Marcus Banner for allowing me to use the gym continuously. For continuously encouraging me and pushing me. Being a true friend. Diamond Duke Fitness (Marcus Bradley) for his help and dedication, Shannon States (Ace of States Boxing) one of the best coach and trainer) for believing in me and my dreams. For getting his team together and becoming my ambassadors I'm forever grateful. My sisters Carrie Reidel, Lisa Zychowski, Jenny Blough, and Lulu for always being there, picking up the phone and allowing me to vent and always being down for anything most importantly thank you ladies for just being you!. To all the vendors I work with at the Love Expo at O.N.E FITNESS every 3rd Sunday of the month these entrepreneurs are amazing you have to check them out. To my photographer Alexis Marie (JE.SUIS.LEX) when I give her my vision, she exceeds my expectations each time. She continues to show her creativity in capturing moments that speak volumes. Last but definitely not least to all my ambassadors of UK without each one of you I definitely couldn't do it without you. Sandra Malone, Dee Kidd (liefy Sweets), Marcus Bradley, Marcus E Banner, Shannon States, Lisa Marie Zychowski, Breezy Sweet & Treats, Brandy Ash-Harvey, Latonya, The Champ Skylar Domingoz, Princess Staci, Rafael Avalos, Tatyana Herdrich, Sam Albin Hamad, Daniel Donny Bladez Villanueva, Tina Gomez, Amin Mashadi, JR Lleva, Will Carter, Mika Walker, Eumeka Aguado, Von King, my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Also, to all my doubters thank you for pushing me closer to my destiny! (Sorry its so many people, I hope I didn't forget anyone)

Gym: O.N.E.Fitness (Marcus Banner) LasheTech: Stephanie Latham (LuxuriLashesByBlu) the only brand I'm willing to wear Makeup Artist: Candace Flowers & Ta'Nesha Hall Photographer: Alexis Marie Videographer: Brittany A Tyus, Lasullus T-Parker De Alkebulano II Tyus and Parker Media I could not be where I'm at without all of you.

Thank you to my cousin Angela Hendrix for the continued prayers and interseeding!!

Because I want to build generational wealth. So my son, nieces, and nephews never have to struggle another day. So I can break generational curses in my bloodline. So my mother and father can reap the harvest of the offspring. I want to leave this world and know I left an impact, I made a statement. So, I can use my platform to talk about God and his unconditional love and favor. Because my name will be a household name. I will be the first billionaire in my family.

Q7: What would you tell your younger you?

I would tell my past self I'm sorry for all the years I was blind by your greatness. You have been magic all along. Don't you dear sit on your dreams and settle. The world needs you. The world needs the Uniquely-Kreated you. You may not see it now but its coming. Learn to trust the process. Yes, you come with flaws but you also come with favor. Don't ever forget your worth and truth. Stay humble and prayed up!

Q8:What is next for you? I mean you already featured on WWE podcast, Your line is in a mall, you're here in Eluid Magazine soon to be in international magazines. WOW!! What else?

I don't know what's next for me. I just know I'm trusting God to lead the way. I only know that my name will be a household name, That my name has entered rooms I haven't even walked in yet.. That people of influence and value is speaking my name and God will connect them to me. All I do know is, I'll be the first billionaire in my family, I'll continue to design, continue to put my heart and soul into it. I'll continue to be Uniquely-Kreated to Win! I just know my story doesn't end here. It's more to come from UK and UK Ambassadors!! You just gotta make sure you follow us on all social media platforms so you don't miss out!

 That's all the time we have left. Please checkout Leandrya & Leandre (Mother & Son Duo) website at
New line drops on May 3rd 2021


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