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Vicious J showcases why his brand is built for longevity.  

Pressure makes diamonds or burst pipes in real life. Pressure derives from circumstances a person feels they can't control and expectations thrust upon by public demand. When there is no expectation for a person, it's easy to quit, boast, brag, and exaggerate their reality. Once a person has expectations upon their life, then the separation between average and extraordinary is created.  

Hip-Hop is the world's #1 music genre. Hip-Hop impacts and influences every sector of Corporate America and mainstream society. Hip-Hop is hyper-competitive and is a pure-blood sport. Rap music is merciless, and there is no rule book for survival. Jungle rules are created by the warlords, and survival is based upon strategic street intangibles.    

Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist Vicious J is another burgeoning Hip-Hop supreme talent emerging from Houston, Texas. Vicious J's music embodies the epic Hip-Hop essence of Texas. Ghetto Boys, Scarface, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Megan Thee Stallion, UGK, Trae The Truth, and more have established a high bar of success in Texas.    

Vicious J's life story is not for the faint of heart and requires a hard hat in most areas.  Vicious J's childhood was integrated with southern racism, drug-invested street corners, hood love, street football games, candy-painted cars, BBQ, Dallas Cowboys, and Hip-Hop music.  Vicious J's music contains emotional overtones, dramatic basslines, controlled rage lyrics, indeterminable pain, and visionary thoughts.    

Vicious J's music career evolved to unprecedented heights during COVID-19. Vicious J single 'Pressure' impacted FM radio and social media heavily during 2021. 'Pressure' became a fan favorite amongst FM Radio programmers and club promoters throughout Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.  

Vicious J launched several business projects in 2021, ranging from film documentaries to TV projects with RADIOPUSHERS TV.  RADIOPUSHERS TV inked a streaming TV deal with Vicious J's film production company.  RADIOPUSHERS TV broadcasts in 90+ countries and is powered by Amazon Fire TV and ROKU.    

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