Super Collagen EX, Meta Green Booster Shot, and Meta Green Slim up

VITALBEAUTIE, based upon the 78-year history of Amorepacific, introduces high-performance inner beauty & health products for the perfect seasonal gift to friends and family this 2023 winter holiday season.


Super Collagen EX

The Super Collagen EX, launched last October, is an upgraded version of the original Super Collagen, enhancing the main ingredient content to 4,000mg, and containing 7 subsidiary ingredients including L-glutathione, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and vitamin C, catering to various skincare needs in a single bottle.

Super Collagen secures its position as VITALBEAUTIE’s best-seller, with a record of selling over 200 million bottles, ranking it as Korea’s No. 1 functional collagen product. Not only is it a top-selling product in Korea, but also holds first place in repurchase rates2) proving its outstanding results for returning customers.



 “My husband, who had an extremely dried skin to the point where his body would turn scaley, saw improvements after we started drinking collagen.”

  “Both my mother and I had such dry skin that our heels would crack often. We started taking collagen and after about 6 months, we can really feel that it’s gotten better.”


According to customer reviews, people strongly recommend the Super Collagen EX to combat dryness and cracking skin amidst the cold winds of winter, and for women before and after pregnancy with particularly dry skin and hair.

  • Ranked as the No. 1 selling Korean functional collagen, based on production figures among individually recognized collagen raw materials (Based on 2021 sales in Korea)
  • Based on Amore Mall, representative VITALBEAUTIE product repurchase rates twice or more (Based on 2022 accumulated data)



Meta Green Booster Shot

The newly introduced ‘Meta Green Booster Shot 7 Days’ is a dual-type product that allows the intake of both tablets and liquid, facilitating rapid absorption within the body, aiding individuals in managing body fat during their diet plateau phase. Consumed before or after meals or exercise, it offers Calamansi (Calamandin orange) and yuzu flavors to create a tasty, enjoyable diet routine. 

 ‘Meta Green Booster Shot 7 Days’ is a dual-functional slimming ampule recognized by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. It contains ‘APIC soybean embryo aqueous extract and compounds’, an exclusive individually recognized raw material of Amorepacific. It also contains 'Green Tea Extract (Catechin)', which encapsulates the core technology of Amorepacific's healthcare laboratory, could help to effectively manage body fat. Retaining the functional ingredients of Meta Green Slim Up, in includes the maximum level of catechin content at 360mg within the Meta Green line, allowing for a targeted diet routine for individuals with oily dietary habits or for those aiming for body fat reduction.

As the year-end approaches and significant parties or gatherings are in sight, it is recommended for those seeking short-term management over a week, or for those determined to lose weight for a healthier start to the new year.



Meta Green Slim Up

Meta Green Slim Up is a steady seller within VITALBEAUTIE’s Meta Green line, with over 20,000 reviews and 8 million sales. Concentrated on managing body fat, the core aspect of dieting, it includes catechin from green tea extract to target post-meal body fat, and pantothenic acid, an essential nutrient for metabolism provided at 500% of the daily nutritional value. Pantothenic acid aids in the conversion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats consumed through meals into energy, potentially supporting dietary metabolism and body fat management.

The product focuses solely on one mild slimming ingredient, the pure green tea catechin, targeting fat and cholesterol within the body to allow for a relief on frequent high-energy, high-fat dietary habits.

It’s a popular item in Korea holding 1st place (2023.05) on Olive Young (Multi brand store channel in Korea) Slimming Product category. Being a vegan-certified mild slimming dietary supplement, it has gained popularity among many working professionals.

VITALBEAUTIE has announced various promotions on its entire range of products in celebrating this holiday season. More information regarding the events and promotions are available through the VITALBEAUTIE brand store on



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