As the New Year approaches, we all make new resolutions to travel more and spend more time with family, invest in self-improvement and take care of our health, etc. Among them, weight loss and a slimmer, firmer body are probably New Year's goals that most of us can relate to.

Thanks to the K-beauty trend, Meta Green Slim Up, Korea's most popular slimming health supplement, must be a remarkable product. Many reviews from Korean customers and recent wins in the slimming category support this.

Turning Over a New Leaf in Wellness with VITALBEAUTIE's Award-Winning Meta Green Slim Up

In the bustling realm of health and beauty, a new champion has emerged: Meta Green Slim Up. This revolutionary product is basking in the limelight as the recent "WINNER" in the slimming category at the prestigious 2023 Olive Young Awards. This recognition is just the jewel in the crown for a product that's reshaping the contours of weight management with a vegan formulation that boasts the power of 16 cups of green tea catechins. But that's not all - Meta Green Slim Up is a powerhouse of pantothenic acid, which acts as a catalyst to transform your daily sustenance into pure energy while capitalizing on the robust benefits of green tea catechins.


The November chronicles of Meta Green shimmer with the achievement of 15 million sales - a testament to a journey that began in 2012 and continues to soar through 2023. This triumph isn't just about numbers; it's a story of efficacy and consumer trust, as evidenced by Olive Young's meticulous collection of purchase data. Visit Olive Young, a titan with over 1,000 stores painting the city red across Korea, and witness the accolades firsthand: a stellar 4.7 out of 5 score as rated by satisfied customers in 4,714 heartfelt reviews, elevating the Meta Green line to the pinnacle of nutritional success, confidence in the science of green tea catechins, and phenomenal value.


A Paradigm Shift in Diet Supplementation: The Meta Green Booster Shot 7 Days

The dietary supplement landscape welcomes a groundbreaking entrant - VITALBEAUTIE's Meta Green Booster Shot 7 Days. This innovative blend aims to catapult your weight loss strategies from APIC Soy Embryo Extract to the forefront of dietary success with a novel tablet/liquid hybrid. Think fast absorption, formidable body fat management, and a palate-pleasing twist of calamansi and green tangerine to delight the senses. Approved by Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, this slimming vanguard boasts an ingredient list that reads like a who's who of AmorePacific Healthcare Research Institute's most acclaimed green tea innovations, including the exclusive APIC Soybean Embryo Extract. With a maximum catechin content of an impressive 360 mg, it reaches out to those seeking a slimmer physique, especially in anticipation of celebrating life's milestones or embracing a healthier New Year.


Olive Young Awards & Festa 2023: Meta Green Diet Lab Pop-Up Event

The Olive Young Awards & Festa 2023 took place in December at Seoul's Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), where 79 well-known brands showcased 138 popular consumer products in a grand exhibition. Visitors and influencers had the chance to explore a variety of beauty, health, and food offerings.

VITALBEAUTIE's Meta Green Diet Lab pop-up booth had a significant impact. Visitors were invited to learn about the research and effectiveness of Meta Green Slim Up's main ingredient, Green Tea Catechin. Engaging activities related to VITALBEAUTIE's core diet products, including games that highlighted Meta Green Slim-Up, Meta Green Booster Shot, and Super Retinol C, were enthusiastically participated in.



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