What inspired you to get into plastic surgery?:

 “Being a doctor has always been a calling for me, as far back as I can remember I have always wanted to be a doctor. What really drew me to plastic surgery though was my belief that everyone deserves to feel their best and confident in their own skin. That is also the most rewarding part of my job, seeing how people become infinitely more confident and happy with their body.”

 What makes you different to other plastic surgeons?:

“I firmly believe that every patient is different, to me surgeries are not cookie-cutter, routine, and generic. Every patient I see is treated as an individual and as a unique canvas. Every surgery I perform is bespoke to the patient with all of their hopes, dreams, concerns, and expectations are taken into account. It is my mission for patients to leave knowing they chose the best plastic surgeon in San Antonio”

What is most important to you as a surgeon?:

 “It has to be patient care and satisfaction, people are trusting me with their mind body, and soul. With Alluring Aesthetics a patient can expect to be comfortable throughout the whole process, well informed, and they are speaking to a normal person just like them. Some surgeons like to seen as superior and for people to look up to them. With me, you get Dr. Wendie Grunberg, an animal-loving, travel-obsessed food enthusiast ultimately a person who you will make a real connection with who will deliver the best patient care and results possible.”

 You have a large presence on Instagram what is the reason such a powerful following?:

 “I am a real person, people get to see the real quirky, funny, and down to earth me! My IG follows not only my personal life but also follows my surgeries, my results, reviews and office hours. My followers get to see every step of my work from start to finish to catching up with patients and their results months later! I strive to make my IG informative and educational too, I explain the intricacies of each part of my surgeries and I also talk through the benefits and pitfalls of certain procedures.

What are some of the most popular procedures you offer?:

 “We perform Brazilian butt lifts known as a BBL, tummy tucks, fat grafting, breast augmentation, breast lifts and reductions, VASER liposuction, labiaplasty. We also have a number of minimally invasive treatments such as fillers, Botox, Evolve and Evoke equipment and acutite as well as many traditional beauty treatments like facials, dermaplaning, and general skin rejuvenation.”


Amazing, thank you so much for taking the time to let us get to know more about Dr. Grunberg!

Dr. Grunberg is the owner of Alluring Aesthetics, a top Texas plastic surgeon in San Antonio.

You can find her on IG @dr.grunberg and you can contact Alluring Aesthetics at www.alluringaesthetics.com or find them at 255 E Sonterra Boulevard, Suite 201,  San Antonio, Texas 78258.

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