Curvvies® is a padded buttock lifter that not only gives you a boost in the rear but also makes your entire lower body look better. Unlike other buttock lifters that focus mainly on your butt, Curvvies® was designed for thigh and waist shaping, tummy control, as well as booty enhancement. 


What do you get? In short...The butt & hips other girls would kill for.

  • Sculpts your booty, thighs, and hips
  • Instantly intimidates other women
  • High waist, tummy control (no more pooch!)

Buttock Lifter features

Need to sculpt your booty? If you're looking for the best shapewear bottoms, Curvvies® is one of the best buttock shapers you’ll find anywhere. In addition to giving you a major butt lift, courtesy of their special design, Curvvies® also comes with booty-enhancing butt pads that go the extra mile to make you look amazing in anything.

Imagine never having to worry if your butt looks good again because you just know it does. That's the kind of confidence you can expect with Curvvies®. These butt lifting and booty sculpting bottoms make sure you look just right in almost any outfit. The advanced materials, design, and pads mean you can be confident in whatever you wear. Expect instant augmentation, shaping, and booty perfection.

The best butt in the room? Whether you want to be the center of attention or just feel more comfortable in what you wear, your butt will always look amazing with these padded shapewear bottoms. Curvvies® shape, lift, enhance and sculpt your butt like magic.

Thigh Shaping Features

Yes, Curvvies® is among the best thigh shapewear on the market. Engineered with women's thighs in mind, Curvvies® carefully reduces what you don't want while enhancing what you do want. This means you are left with just the right contours to look your best. Curvvies® has a thigh trimmer and thigh enhancer in one.

How to get thicker thighs?

 Curvvies® gives women thicker, curvier thighs just by putting them on. That's right, instant before and after, to help you to look curvier in the best possible way.

The added (removable) pads add just the right enhancement where women want, giving you the confidence to feel amazing during the day. Curvvies® is the fast and seamless way to get better thighs (and butt), instantly.

High Waist Shaper

Curvvies®' waist shaper extends past the belly button to help make sure your tummy is always under "tummy control". The 'high waist shaper shorts' design instantly improves your tummy and waist contours, giving you a sleeker, curvier look, the right way. Expect to see fast 'waist to hip' improvements with these advanced high waist shaper panties.

Should I Buy?

Women have asked and we listened. Now you can have thicker thighs (curvier and sleeker), control your tummy and enhance your butt all at the same time. There has never been such a simple solution to your lower body shaping needs.  Getting a shapelier butt and thighs has never been so easy.

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