Yvonne Sandomir is an internationally acclaimed author, podcast host, and certified life coach who is using her voice and platform to raise awareness about childhood trauma, particularly sexual and domestic abuse. She became a popular face after publishing her book “The Invisible Girl: A Memoir”, which is a powerful story of her journey to confront the generational cycle of abuse she experienced as a child

Yvonne is a true advocate for abuse victims. She donates 10% of her annual book sales to Lauren’s Kids and works with ChildHelp in California. She has served as a Guardian Ad Litem for both the Guardian Ad Litem Association for Children and the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).

Yvonne’s podcast, “Survivor Strong,” is a platform for survivors to share their stories and offer support to those affected by child abuse. Through candid conversations featuring weekly guests, Yvonne encourages her listeners to find their voices and break free from the oppressive past. 

Yvonne’s mission is to empower and uplift survivors of abuse and violence to make an impact on her guests and listeners. She hopes to educate others about the implications of childhood trauma and encourages survivors to break the generational cycle of abuse. Yvonne is using her life as an instrument of hope to show that it is possible to find peace and resolve within oneself despite fear and injustice.


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