The Psychology of Fashion plays a vital role in every mode of life. What if you wear a maxi and go for an interview and similarly wear a three piece suit and go in a cooking show as a chef. Why it is looking so weird? The answer is the perception and psychology of people regarding fashion. People don’t like weird combination, they always are in search of perfection.

We as Style with Zimish with the motive of customization believe that psychological factors influence the customizations of apparels because it lets you to get something that is in your control. People want more according to them and less according to others. They actually want to live on their own designed choices. It is a human psyche date after customization they get confident on the point of owning the material that they created. After connecting with the item during the customisation cycle, individuals feel that the item is theirs even without legitimate possession. That is the explanation individuals see the modified item as more important than the one that is already designed. We can’t deny the fact that ready made things are convenient but things according to your ingredients are superb in satisfaction and give you a unique feel.

Our customization opportunity brings up a huge benefit for your psychology in terms of fashion. We offer you theme of “you say and we do”. We consider the point of interaction increment with the help of customization option between you and us. Our customization channels are designed on the basis of perfect and fascinating balance between the features, the design, the experience as well as your input. We know that human beings are always concerned and conscious about how they are looking and how their clothes are looking will stop finding the right outfit in a huge market can be a bit challenging task it requires a large time span in order to find out the perfect piece that fits them. But, now that industry of textile is coming up With the customization process that will reduce your time and help you designing the perfect peace that fits your style. Our role in textile industry will give you a menu of choices through which you can execute your thoughts in a well stylish apparel.

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