The Experts behind the First Astrology & Numerology Dating Experiment!

I had the opportunity to cover the story behind the dynamic duo of Mike Anthony, the Numerology Expert, and Rachel Black, the Astrology Expert, from the movie Zodiac Crush. Mike, who also happens to be the director of the movie, and Rachel, a podcast host, spiritual activation coach, and psychic intuitive, have captivated audiences with their complementary approaches to the metaphysical world.

For Rachel, astrology is more than just a tool for predicting the future. She believes that it is a way to gain self-mastery and understand our strengths and challenges in this lifetime. According to Rachel,



 “knowing your whole chart will help you find what brings you fulfillment and flow, as well as where challenges may arise in life. By understanding both your strengths and challenges, you can grow and expand to become the most whole version of yourself.”    -Rachel Black

As Rachel puts it, "Astrology is the Blueprint to our soul." - Rachel Black


Mike, on the other hand, is all about numerology. He believes that 

 “numerology defines our ambition and purpose in life, and that knowing our numbers is the key to understanding where to focus our energy.” - Mike Anthony


For Mike, numerology is a powerful tool that can help us unlock our full potential and achieve our goals.

Together, Mike and Rachel bring together the systems of numerology and astrology in a captivating way that excites viewers to do their own research on these fascinating sciences. Viewers of the movie have talked about how Mike and Rachel are a contrasting and iconic duo in the movie, bringing together their respective disciplines to create a unique and enlightening experience.

Rachel's passion for astrology has taken her all over the world, where she has helped heal and inspire countless individuals. The movie Zodiac Crush is just the beginning for her exciting career in the metaphysics world. Mike, on the other hand, has not only shared his knowledge of numerology with audiences through the movie, but also through his work through 8th Dimension creative marketing agency where he represents numerous brands and influencers.

Mike Anthony and Rachel Black's appearances are a visual treat in the movie Zodiac Crush. Mike's sharp, chiseled features add a level of gravitas to his scenes, while Rachel's light and gentle features lend a calming presence to her readings. Together, they create a mesmerizing experience on the big screen, as they predict the future fates of the Bachelorette and Bachelor. The contrast between their appearances, as well as their respective disciplines of numerology and astrology, make for a unique and intriguing viewing experience that leaves the audience wanting more.

For those who have not yet heard of the movie Zodiac Crush, it is a groundbreaking reality TV movie that combines the power of astrology and numerology in the realm of dating. This unique approach to matchmaking has gained a cult following globally, with fans in both America and India eagerly awaiting news of where they can watch the movie and if a sequel is in the works. Zodiac Crush is the first-ever reality TV movie to experiment with these ancient sciences in the dating world, and its success has sparked interest in using astrology and numerology in various areas of life. Although the movie is currently available to watch on Vimeo, rumors are circulating that it may soon be available on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. While there is no official news of a sequel yet, during a recent podcast interview, Michelle Ravitch, the star of the movie, hinted at the possibility of a sequel where she helps host future astrology bachelorettes.


In conclusion, as a magazine editor covering the world of metaphysics, we are excited to share updates on this groundbreaking film and its stars, as well as the latest news on the intersection of astrology and numerology. Stay tuned to our magazine for more updates on Zodiac Crush, as well as other exciting developments in the world of metaphysics. Don't forget to subscribe to our magazine to stay informed and join the conversation on this fascinating topic.

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