The artistic genius of Zoe Rosegold  

Zoe Rosegold is a natural-born visionary and self-made entrepreneur. God blessed Zoe Rosegold with an innate ability to revolutionize raw uncensored emotion into poetic lyrics of inspiration. Zoe Rosegold's unparalleled artistic expressions and creative genius are organically designed.   

Being born with the gift of music, Zoe Rosegold's life since birth has revolved around music, a describable passion, adventurous curiosity, and love. Watching Zoe Rosegold perform live is a reflection of her unique euphoria.  

Her exquisite physique and avant-garde sound are awe-inspiring. Everything about her voice, energy, and life represents the highest form of ingenuity. Her sound is multinational and exudes the essence of mass appeal.   

The global impact of HIGHGRADE  

Zoe Rosegold released the critically acclaimed record 'HIGHGRADE' to all major DSPs. 'HIGHGRADE' reflects her multi-ethnicity allure and international crossover capacity. 'HIGHGRADE' currently is receiving heavy airplay rotation on several radio stations, including iHeartRadio. 



'HIGHGRADE' caught the attention of DJ WESWILL, who is Head of Programming at DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami streams on iHeartRadio and has added 'HIGHGRADE' to daily rotation.   

Her single 'HIGHGRADE' is the ultimate chillwave record infused and inspired by the power of marijuana. When you listen to 'HIGHGRADE,' sit back, chill, and enjoy the high life in 2022.   

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