Future of the Fashion Industry:

Revolution and evolution are the basic instincts of a progressive society and talking about fashion makes us take a dig into everything revolutionary as well as evolutionary since time immemorial. "Future of the fashion industry"


Looking back to the eras that passed by from Gothic, Pop and Victorian to nineties, Art Nouveau, Oriental, Art Deco, Prêt-a-Porter and Flower Power, fashion has transitioned and reformed through the ages to give a new outlook to the world.


future of fashion

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Welcome to the age of Artificial Intelligence where clothes have become more than a wearable art and accessories are designed to multitask. If fashion has undergone so much resuscitation till now, one can easily imagine what it would be like 2 decades from now!


Wait! If you are thinking that the motive of fashion as a form of escapism would be dissolute; then relax. Fashion would still retain its identity as a form of diversion and expression. With the technology involved into clothing galloping ahead, future clothing would function as an interface and would influence our communication with the connected world and with each other. The rollout of 5G would accentuate this technological advancement furthermore.



Moreover, with sustainability gaining prominence in the fast fashion and textile recycling taking a front seat in the fashion world, people would start reflecting upon things they actually need for their existence. They would not spend on something like an outdated model, say fast fashion and would buy in from brands that follow sustainability strategy.

According to a recent report shared at the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana’s third international roundtable on sustainability in Milan, buyers at stores like Barneys and Saks in the US and Printemps in France expect to nearly double their total spending on sustainable products in the next five years, from 23% to 40%.


Handmade and tactile crafts would be at par with the evolving future tech, in order to meet the fashion fixes of the common mass. Second-hand markets are already on hike and in future as well they will entwine with the rental economy to gather grip and novelty.



Clothing will be powered by Artificial Intelligence and would undergo a shift in their assessment. Central fashion services will gain prominence and would be subscribed to by people for borrowing clothes on a short-term basis which will depend on the needs and changing lifestyle of people. That means people would barely have a closet stacked with unused clothes.



3D printing is the blessing of our generation that allows designers to make customized designs digitally for their customers. Neuro Studio’s collection encompasses 3D-printing, the tech that allows designers to tailor-make pieces digitally for individual customers. Nike already lends its shoppers the facility of designing their own trainers. This reflects upon a fair possibility of the future where we will be able to 3D print our own shoes at home. Isn’t that more than what we want? Future of the fashion industry.

We would not merely be consumers but would be our own designers as well in the coming years.

Future fashion can be an extravagant affair or it can be somewhat strange, never imagined or seen. But, whatever it would be, it will always act as a mirror of the happenings in the society.



With our identities becoming more fluid with time, we are spanning both the digital and physical realms. Digital fashion would help us push limitless creative boundaries and experiment with how we would like to be perceived. If you believe in the science behind magic, then the near future is surely going to be a roller-coaster ride full of creative innovations in the fashion world!




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