"fashion retailers in USA" Virtual ramp shows. Augmented Reality models. Innumerable devices speaking to each other. Next-generation mobile internet has seamlessly made the unexpected, a possibility. In the rush to roll out 5G, all countries are rushing to jump in on the bandwagon with China leading the way followed by US and UK in a close second. However, some countries are lagging far behind; and that could spell a serious problem for the businesses there.


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5G Will Give Some Fashion Retailers in USA an Edge Others Will Fall Behind.

2020 which is slated to be the year of the launch of 5G could potentially alter the mobile experience for people by enhancing their shopping journey. While 5G could prove to be a boom for most fashion retailers, some retailers might still have to wait a long time before they can lay their hands on this technology, thanks to their country’s tech policies.



          • Speed is what drives the urge for 5G networks. For fashion retailers, there are more reasons like faster load page, virtual reality, AI learning and wearable technology.
    • Lowering latency level- the delay between data requests from devices affecting the increasing number of devices each year- will ensure increased download demands for fashion retailers who are doing their business online.
    • Also, overcoming technical infrastructure challenges in the next two years, the wireless broadband connectivity is set to improve, thus creating better mobile workspaces.


As far as design and creativity is concerned,


    • Focus on 3D design and viewing can be enabled through 5G network combined with Augmented and Virtual Reality systems empowered by fiber optics, placed perfectly in people’s jeans pockets.
    • Apart from real-time connectivity, fully functional virtual assistants with the help of Artificial intelligence who can assist through machine learning can take these fashion brands a notch higher.
    • Wearable technology are a fad these days, as it is finding more customers interested in the fitness brand category. 5G will ensure that this fad remains intact, utilize beacon technology allowing consumers to make the best of their internet time.


As innovative applications are sweeping the fashion retailers’, experiential fashion is the major wave that is taking over the industry. While China is a leap ahead in this pool by developing its own 5G network.

Asia has also seemed to take on a lead, however, Europe still has yet to develop a strong 5G network.

It is for time to tell, who will actually be competing in the race, and which are the countries that are likely to fall behind.




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