AR mirror and its fashionable benefits.

If you’re like me, you have already spent hours surfing the internet, looking for that perfect little black dress for the upcoming date night. And certainly, you wish to look nothing less than a million-dollar buck. But wait, are you also contemplating whether or not you should take a shot in the dark and place an order for the dress? Will it actually make you look like that hot mess that you are in your head?


We are in 2019 and you have to agree, technology has made our lives way easier than what it was just a decade ago, even in regard to fashion. Amazon has patented an AR mirror that dresses you in virtual clothes. At the beginning of 2018, Amazon had acquired Body Labs, a company with a stated aim of creating true-to-life 3D body models to support various b2b software applications — such as virtually trying on clothes or photorealistic avatars for gaming.

Uniqlo is using Magic Mirror, and it helps shoppers decide which item to buy by making it unnecessary to try the various colors available. Instead, you just put one of the items on and walk in front of the special mirror; a touchscreen then prompts you to select other hues and projects your modified reflection back to you. Developed by Holition in the UK, this ‘virtual dressing room’” uses the Kinect’s color-changing engine and a half-mirror touch panel to achieve its magic.

SenseMi’s Virtual Fitting Room mirrors offer the smartest way to try on products and can exponentially increase the capacity of fashion stores to handle customers are at any given instance.

Another company to watch is at CES 2019, the world’s largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas from Jan. 8 to 11 is  Allblanc Mirror Fit and Mirror, Through the mirror display, you can learn yourself kickboxing, yoga, pilates, cardio, and other exercises. You and your friends can also attend live fitness classes and make exercise buddies online, which is a feature of social life unseen before the age of mirror display.”



What is an AR mirror?

This magic mirror, which is currently being marketed on an invitation-only basis as a fashion “style assistant”, lets you take your picture and videos with the assistance of Amazon’s voice-commanded Alexa AI assistant, and then produces blended-reality photos that show you wearing the clothes you’ve picked out.

It uses a system of cameras, projectors, displays, mirrors, and lights that can add layers of pixels to your moving image on a real-time basis and create human avatars with realistic movements that could be used for clothes modeling.

“When the user views the mirror, the user sees a reflection from the mirror of illuminated objects in the scene and the transmitted images from the display device through the mirror, the transmitted images being perceived as part of the reflected scene,” the inventors told.




Fashionable Benefits of an AR Mirror

The virtual trial room is more than your ordinary trail room. A simple wave & swipe gesture can help shoppers visualize their selected garments or outfits.

For example, the transmitted image could show a wedding scene or the dance floor at NYC’s House of Yes. The image would be processed to put you into the scene, and potentially superimpose virtual clothes — say, an Indian Saree, or that little black dress — onto your real body. There is an app for it too. Virtual try-on is an Augmented Reality based virtual dressing room app that is being used by many showrooms where prospective customers can try out different styles without having to wait in long queues and spending hours dressing and undressing in the trial rooms. With rich visualization, one can try as many dresses as they desire and pick the ones they like without much hassle (fashionable benefits)

And this technology will eventually result in better profits on marketing strategies and mounts the sales with better customer recalls and retention and reducing the rate of damage to the inventory.






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