Close Your Wallets, Open Your Hearts: Why Fast Fashion sucks!

In this age of huge brand retailers becoming wardrobe favorites, everyone has their eyes on what is trending on the ramps. From Fast Fashion sucks shows to closets, the journey that these brands are undertaking is not a long one; thanks to them churning out copycats without much thought and effort. These apparel ‘apers’ have a new term to identify with: ‘fast fashion’ which goes out of the closet just as quickly as it comes in! And, here we have a point to make that Fast fashion sucks, and you are in the circle of users contributing to further disrupting it. Surprised? Well, read why we make our point stronger.


fast fashion sucks

There are three aspects to this-

  1. Creativity: Well, as we already mentioned fast fashion is an adaption by the retailers to mimic what is strut down the ramps in the form of catwalks. Converting ‘trendy pieces’ to make it wearable, the retailers are toning it down and basically creating a Walmart version of the big luxury brands. Even cheaper options are springing up eventually on Instagram stores which are an advocate to fake and pirated goods; thus creating a bigger notorious market or being the thrust to ‘bootleg brush’.
  2. Quality: The need for speed when acts as a compromise on creative integrity, it is also bound to have an impact on the quality offered. This means that the reputation of the brand is also sacrificed in the race to offer the latest trends to consumers first. In the clout of fashion brands, there are often instances when consumers end up looking like twins walking down streets because it is the same kind of clothes sported on the hangers of most retail shops.
  3. People: So, next time while you are shopping from a Forever 21 or H&M, you might want to check if someone else down the aisle of your favorite store is also investing in the same piece as you. This is not just the fault of the brands’ but also the consumers as most products are ‘thicc produced’ or mass produced to suit the demand. No wonder which is why Fast fashion: as fast it is to get in hype, is as fast to fizz out!

In the era of globalization, fast fashion seemed like a boon to countries across the world because it seemed to be the pivot between providing jobs to the underdeveloped countries and cheaper items to the developed nations. However, latest fashion trends at the lowest prices, today have come at a huge cost to the environment. In this man-made win-win situation, it has become a major loss for the planet, thanks to mass production being dumped as waste and this is only the tip of this ridiculous gazillion-dollar iceberg (read, industry) which is fast fashion. "Fast Fashion sucks"

As consumers, you can always ask yourselves the important question about ‘Who made my clothes?’ Pondering on whether you procured your clothes through ethical and fair means is the first step to raising awareness within and around yourself about the source of your clothes. These questions can essentially take you a step closer to understanding the ‘human story behind every garment’. 



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