Fashion is evolving and with it the jobs of the future. There are going to be major changes in the way that we look at recruiting for fashion jobs. In fact, the industry is going high-tech and HR has to catch up to that. The future fashion-tech job titles- get a head start.


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Here are some of the new job titles that fashion-tech is going to be getting –

Fashion-Bot Developer

People will need to be hired for the role of bot developer, as fashion becomes more tech-oriented. Key skills like robotics and machine code would be important here.

Trends & Consumer Psychologist

Fashion requires a thorough understanding of psychology and how customers think. That’s why this job is going to be critical to fulfill, especially in larger companies.

Sustainability Expert

The future fashion-tech is evolving to become more sustainable. It’s aiming to be the first industry to become carbon neutral. Sustainability consultants will be needed to ensure that the label is compliant.

3D printing Engineer

Printing out the latest fashion-wear needs a good understanding of 3D printing technologies. 3D printers need to be great at rapid prototyping.

Data specialist

Major fashion labels love data and hire the best to translate millions of data points. Job seekers will need an understanding of AI and Data systems.

AI developer

In the future, fashion learn more itself? That’s where AI is taking the fashion domain. You need to have the right skills as an AI developer.

Cyber-safety officer

With all that credit card data, the industry needs the best cybersecurity engineers out there. A CSO is required to make sure there are no breaches.

Chief Fashion Technologist

A CFT is someone who understands how technology will change fashion forever. They need to be above all trends and have a good understanding of technology.

IoT Experience designer

Fashion artists that are familiar with wearables will be hired immediately over the next few years. This is a core hybrid skill to have right now. 

Smart-fashion marketer

With so many smart jeans, dresses, and couture launching in the next few years, marketers need to be familiar with this domain. This includes luxury marketing and scale-based expansion as well.

Digital fashion merchandiser

A merchandising expert that understands high-tech is going to be needed for the backend of fashion-tech growth. Merchandisers need to understand how to scale effectively.

Logistics operator

"The future fashion-tech" As fashion tech makes complicated purchasing on an automated basis, logistics need to be in good shape to process all requests. This includes the direction of automation and how much product to ship.

VR developer

VR experiences, especially in-store installations, will make for an enhancing element in the fashion space.

Mobile experience developer

Since smartphones are going to get connected to the AI cloud, developers need to understand how to connect offline and online worlds.

AI operations manager

Operations managers need to ensure that all projects are going smoothly. Imagine any scene from the Devil Wears Prada and add to that the complexity of AI. That’s why this job is critical.


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