Julia Daviy is an ecologist, designer, and top-level manager who has been working in the industry of clean technology for the last decade. She joined the fashion industry ambitiously to produce clothes differently by using 3D printing technology and eco-friendly biodegradable materials for printing.


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Julia has already developed ingenious wearable clothes without using any inch of textile or thread and works of art in earlier works. Then, as now, she faced a similar challenge: how can the ideas that she has in her head or put on paper translate into three-dimensional structures? 

Although started to learn 3D printing in 2016, and devoted 2017 to a lot of learning, texturing, experimenting with different filaments, the printing of wearable fabrics, and 3D modeling of clothes. All this time she has been passing numerous courses on 3D printing, fashion, clothes production, and moreover, Design Thinking at all - pushing to look differently at the clothes, role and look of it in our life and life of other people, animals, Earth.

She makes the impossible possible.

All she needs to create wearable clothes is just a couple of pounds of biodegradable filament and a 3D printer or even just a 3D pen. 3D manufacturing enables design-driven production, while traditional technologies are based on manufacturing-driven designs. 

For Julia, 3D technology is the medium of choice: the high-quality surface and texture of the clothing material convinced her. She has made hundreds of attempts experimenting with creating fabric, wearable textile. This is the most difficult part of 3d printing for the clothes industry - there are no super flexible materials now, but there are some flexible, and she was struggling to test them, looking for ways of printing them. "That was really a challenge. I cannot work so intuitively with any other medium. I tried a lot and there was always a reason why it did not work, "explains Julia Daviy. 

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Julia believes that 3D printing technology will establish itself as a fundamental tool for designers and artists, thanks to better availability, relatively low production costs, and the ability to digitally develop highly complex geometries. "What I find so interesting about 3D technology are the many possible applications. It's being picked up on by various areas of the fashion industry, and designers are trying to break new ground and develop some really exciting projects, "says the artist.

“I do believe that today I can be much more creative and concentrate solely on the design rather than the manufacturing process, says Julia. I could never carve my complex artworks by hand in the garage." According to Julia Daviy, 3D printing technology can make the impossible possible. More and more fashion designers are recognizing and taking advantage of this technology. 

Celebrities are already presenting additively crafted, body-embossed, and chain mail-inspired dresses and designers of accessories have also discovered the process. Julia Daviy is convinced that this technology will continue to evolve and in the end, even fabric can be made with it. The artist predicts: "There is no doubt that in the future we will see 3D printed fashion on the street, starting with affordable clothing pieces and as soon as costs go down and the processes become more efficient, the technology will be increasingly used for textiles, shoes, and larger pieces. "


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Even though Julia Daviy herself does not intend to upgrade her CV by working as a fashion designer, she still wants to create wearable art.

"I want to make my creations move and come to life. Regardless of how 3D Printing evolves in the fashion world, it was an important experience for me as an artist to see how models wear my work, " says the artist. 


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Photographer - Vita Zamchevska 



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