"smartphone fashion" We came across this micro-brand called Khemwest about two years ago on Twitter. Khemwest's subject matter is based on self-empowerment combined with a common thread of spirituality from different schools of thought.

A month ago, we were checking in to see some of the recent posts and saw that Khemwest added a new product line to its shelf. The product is a line of Khemwest branded smartphone cases. The tagline and company mission caught our attention, "luxurious fashion for your smartphones and mobile devices."


A week later, after watching and digesting the brand commercials, we reached out to Djehwti Awsar El, head of Khemwest, to get a direct idea and mission of the brand. After speaking with Djehwti, I gained a better understanding of this mission. Djehwti explained that during the past four years of producing commercials for fashion micro-brands, the idea of designing art for smartphone cases was an obvious move to create a product line, yet not re-inventing the wheel, by producing another T-shirt line. Djehwti tagged it as "Smartphone fashion", an accessory like any necklace, wrist piece, hat or bag that you choose to complete your look.


The main goal is to streamline the message and spiritual philosophy that has already been established over the past 9 years to its online market of subscribers/followers. Overall, the underlying message is one of current focus in the world especially in American society, and that is the acknowledgment and experience of our time. In other words, the fight against the attempted rollback of civil & equal rights as well as the issue of women's right regarding the work place, including sexual harassment on and off the job. The brand has a dynamic market that it reaches out to, but it is clear that it focuses on women as expressed by the underlying message integrated into its advertising: "This is Aquarius, the age of divine feminine.” 


In conclusion, keep watching this brand- Khemwest Lifestyle Accessories.



smartphone fashion


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